Outline In Color Release High-Energy Single, “Bitter,” Announce New Record, ‘Coast Is Clear’

Outline In Color Release High-Energy Single, “Bitter,” Announce New Record, ‘Coast Is Clear’

Post-hardcore band, Outline In Color shared their crisp new track “Bitter” on September 2 via Thriller Records. The track can be found on the band’s forming record, Coast Is Clear due out October 14.

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“Bitter” showcases a ray of intensity exploring luminous tones and exaggerated vocals. The track hones in on cooling melodies wrapped in a radiant blush of bold hooks keeping listeners drawn in.


“Bitter is about coming to grips with the human experience. Entirely too often we find ourselves all too comfortable with calling out the short-comings in other people, without asking ourselves WHY is it so easy for us to do this? The painful truth is that we too-often times are triggered when someone around us makes the same mistakes we’ve been guilty of making ourselves in the past. Rather than showing compassion and understanding to our fellow person, we tend to cast judgment and to condemn. This song is a reminder to myself that I am capable of making and have made the same mistakes as everyone around me, as well as a promise to myself to stay true to who I am no matter the consequences.” Says the band about the track.

Pre-orders for Coast Is Clear are now available. Features include Loveless, Michael Swank, AVOID, and Chris Roetter and was produced by Hiram Hernandez.

In addition the band is supporting Attack Attack! on their co-headlining The Level Up Tour with Electric Callboy. Tickets are now available.


About Outline In Color: Claiming influence from such varied acts as Senses Fail, The Used, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, Halifax, and CKY, Outline in Color seamlessly blends elements of hard rock, metal, nu-metal, pop, and R&B. The vocals are heavily laden with soulful singing and tastefully peppered with screaming and backing vocals, and the music features both rhythmic grooves and atmospheric ambience. The totality is a genre-blurring experience that gifts the listener with melodies that linger and beg to be heard again. Outline In Color have built a collective local fanbase with other promising bands to give the doubting promoters a reason to take a chance on them. Outgrowing their local scene they helped build, the band began touring more extensively, playing festivals such as SXSW and SO WHAT?!, and ultimately headlining their own tours overseas in the UK, Japan, and Australia. The band went through the growing pains that many do, including lineup changes that decentralized the band with members around the country. All the while as Outline in Color branched out, In their strongest line-up yet, the current four members were all present in the band back in 2009, and the band is recentered back in Tulsa. They can finally really take delight in the scene they took a small hand creating, in their hometown, and in the band they grew to become. Sometimes it just takes the right people and a healthy dose of heart.
After having released Imposter Syndrome in July 2020, Outline in Color has a sequel EP, Imposter Syndrome 2, already recorded by August and ready for release, two covers scheduled to be recorded in August and September, and a collaborative trap metal track to record with Dropout Kings. The band is ready to retour the world as soon as live shows are again allowed.

Outline In Color are:
Michael Skaggs, vocals:
Jonathan Grimes, bass/vocals
CJ Cochran, guitar
Austin McFerrin, drums

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