Oli Brown & The Dead Collective // Prologue // EP Review


Oli Brown & The Dead Collective return with ‘Prologue’ their follow-up to the debut EP ‘Prelude’ which arrived earlier this year, and I for one have been keen to see where this journey would take us next, even more so after chatting with Oli around the time of the original EP release and gaining further insight and a better understanding of the type of story Oli wanted to tell via these succinct beauties.

We are being treated to four bites of the cherry each time, which is enough to whet the appetite but still leave you begging for more, ‘Prologue’ is no different, opening with the emotive ‘Your Love’ with its haunting feel, harmonics gently weaving us into the opening track and while a subtle soft chord phrasing and the opening lyrics arrive “Your love is a noose around my neck “and I think to myself, did he write this about me? Or about the time I did physically try to strangle him …. I digress … So, when those lyrics land, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore and shizzle just got real. The song builds to a crushing crescendo and the weight of emotion that pours out through the angst-laden vocals and guitar work are all tied beautifully together by a bitchin’ guitar solo and the world is right once again.

‘Everything You Want’ is a banger on another level, right from the off it’s a punchy track that will get the asses shaking in the room with a killer melodic charm and huge chorus, you can see this going down a treat live, a powerful vibe resonates that you simply cannot ignore reminding us of the bangers that Oli can toss out at will.

‘Father’ takes us in a different direction once again, gnarly and dark, its thumping drums and disjointed opening rhythm send out a warning shot that this band will always keep you on your toes sonically. A filthy track from start to finish shows us the edgier side of OB&TDC.

‘Prologue’ closes with ‘Sinking Ship’ and takes us full circle back to an emotive track packed with character, vocal harmonies overlaying the powerful melodic lines and angst-ridden delivery of the lines tell a story all on its own. The thumping bass in the background provides the song’s heartbeat before the full force hits you right in the chest! The slide guitar work adds to the heartache pouring from your speakers, it’s a beautifully crafted track that wraps up yet another highly impressive EP.

A worthy follow-up to ‘Prelude’, we are further down the road with more still to come.

‘Prologue’ arrives this coming Friday, May 12th via all purveyors of fine music.

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