Mork // Den Svevende Festning // EP Review


Having been created in Halden, Norway by Thomas Eriksen as a side project in 2004, it took 9 years until the debut album was released by Mork and then the band have been rising to the top of Norwegian Black Metal and is pushing to be one if the best worldwide.

I was lucky enough to pick up on Mork as I picked up the review for the 2019 album release Det Svarte Juv and I have been an avid fan since and can regularly be seen wearing my Mork shirt and spreading the word.

So, when the EP came available to review, I jumped at the chance to listen and scribble some notes on what was coming next.

The EP is made up of 6 tracks, some of which are left from that previous album release whilst other tracks are live offerings that capture the incredible live energy that Is put out whilst Mork is playing.

Opening with the title track, yet again, Mork captures the raw and blends it with atmospheric black metal whilst throwing in a dash of groove that just grips you tight and doesn’t let you go.

As the first half of the EP ends with an alternate arrangement of a previously only released digital track ‘Født Til Å Herske’ you cannot help but be excited by the fact that this music is being released and also builds the anticipation to experience the upcoming live tracks that you know are next.

As the live tracks land the quality of the music is as high as the recorded sessions, but this time you can just feel that live atmosphere that we all go to see bands for. It has been captured fantastically and you almost feel like you are there, I just wish I had been!

Sometimes EPs can feel like an easy way to put out substandard music but it keeps releases flowing, that is not the case here.

Yet again, Mork is the name that some of the best Black Metal that you will hear comes from. Any fan of Black Metal really needs to listen to this EP and then invest in the back catalogue because it is flawless.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mork is in the upper echelons of the genre and should be there for a considerable amount of time.

I’m off to get my order in for this to join the rest of their records!

Ed Ford

Den Svevende Festning will be released Friday 16th September 2022 via Peaceville Records.



Track List


  1. Den Svevende Festning [04:47]
  2. Ormtunge [05:43]
  3. Fodt Til A Herske (Med Strykere) [06:30]
  4. 4. Arv (live) [05:54]

5 Det Siste Gode I Meg (live) [05:14]

  1. 6. Svartmalt (live) [04:19]

Fresh from destroying the stage with their debut appearance, at this years Wacken Festival – check the video on this page from band’s performance of “På Tvers Av Tidene”  which featured on their 2019 album Det Svarte Juv– the band will soon be heading off again for festivals and a Latin America Tour. Dates below

17/08/22 – Midgardsblot, Horten, Norway (

20/08/22 – Niech Cisza Milczy, Pyskowice, Poland

Latin America Tour 2022 w/ Skeletal Remains & Soul Burn

04.09 – Sao Paulo (Brasil) @ Setembro Negro Festival

06.09 – Montevideo (Uruguay) @ Midas Music

07.09 – Buenos Aires (Argentina) @ The Other Place

08.09 – Asuncion (Paraguay) @ P.R.F

09.09 – Lima (Peru) Yield Rock Bar

10.09 – Bogota (Colombia) @ Ace of Spades Club

11.09 – Mexico City (Mexico) @ HDX Circus Bar

23/09/22 – Northern Deception, Kristiansand, Norway

24/09/22 – Aladdin Scene, Halden, Norway

29/09/22 – Spetakkel Festivalen, Larvik, Norway

08/10/22 – Mörkaste Småland, Hultsfred, Sweden


06/04/23 – Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo, Norway

30/04/23 – Walpurgisnacht Festival, Berlin, Germany

With more to be announce soon!

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