Morgan Wade // Psychopath // Album Review


You will struggle to find a quicker rising star in the world of Country than Morgan Wade and that attention is so thoroughly deserved.

Hot on the heels of the brilliant 2021 debut album Reckless Wade has been recognised by some of the biggest publications in the world, including Rolling Stone magazine and the New York Times. Now is the moment for Wade to lay herself out for the music and by allowing us to see the real Morgan Wade allows her to create some of her most impressive and personable music.

The 13-track album spans 48 minutes and from the moment it begins, you can hear the influence of Alanis Morrisette (There’s even a track called ‘Alanis’) and you can allow yourself to start to carried away on the stripped-back music along with an emotional and raw vocal.

As you progress the number of subjects that you relate to would usually be created by artists with more experience and that is meant with the greatest of respect. It is pretty obvious that Morgan Wade has plenty to sing about and it’s all real along with being a way to help process things.

The title Psychopath might bring up images of anger and instability, however, what you have here is something that is very much the opposite. You have something that all people can relate to and not only that, but you end up singing along with.

This may not be typical country music in the traditional sound, however, it is a modern version of Country and the honesty that carries through Country can be heard throughout this offering.

Psychopath is the kind of album that will introduce people to the joys of Country along with the fact that fans of the genre can enjoy this take on a fantastic sound and way of life. Blending heartfelt lyrics with a combination of acoustic guitars, the occasional electric offering and that rough diamond vocal is a recipe for success and something that is a joy to listen to.

Morgan Wade is an important part in the future of a genre that has been important to so many for so long and now the baton has been picked up and is going stratospheric, so hang on to your hats, and enjoy this stunning album like I have so many times since being sent it!

Psychopath will be released Friday 25th August 2023 via Sony Music Nashville.PSYCHOPATH



Ed Ford





  1. Domino
  2. 80’s Movie
  3. Losers Like Me
  4. Roman Candle
  5. Guns and Roses
  6. Alanis
  7. Phantom Feelings
  8. Psychopath
  9. Outrun Me
  10. Want
  11. Fall In Love With Me
  12. Meet Somebody
  13. 27 Club


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