Metalcore band Serration release Simulations Of Hell on DAZE

Serration release new album Simulations Of Hell on DAZE

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“A violently frantic form of metalcore.” Stereogum

“A wickedly heavy slice of metalcore that leans into the tangled stylings of bands like Botch and Zao, while still providing the heart-on-sleeve catchiness of a group like Poison the Well.” Revolver

“Serration have made a statement across this eight track record, finding a balance between the chaotic metalcore of the early 2000s and new wave hardcore styles.” New Noise Magazine

“Simulations Of Hell is an album that understands and absolutely nails its main assignment – that of being a vicious metalcore record”Distorted Sound

“Simulations Of Hell is a chaotic, ruthless and barbaric sounding album, interspersed with 2000s sounds which create a strangely nostalgic yet tense, thriller movie atmosphere.” Noizze

Serration have released their new album, Simulations Of Hell, out today on DAZE. The album is punishing and introspective, ranging on topics from brainwashing to worshiping materialistic items to feelings of guilt. Taking influence from early metalcore bands like 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Misery Signals as well as Y2K era horror video games, you’ll hear heavy riffs and fevered screams cut through by beautiful interludes. Opener “Boreal Serpent” is totally unhinged and sets the pace of what to expect through the rest of Simulations Of Hell – an aggressive, futuristic blend of metal and hardcore.

Formed in 2018 to write “Turmoil worship” Serration have been seeing a steady rise in the metal and hardcore scene. The band broke out that year with the release of their EP, Shrine of Eternal Life, followed by the aforementioned split with Dying Wish, and 2019’s Ease Yourself Back Into Consciousness. This lead the band on tours with Morality Rate and Wristmeetrazor. When the pandemic struck in 2020, the band teamed up with Wax Vessel to put their two EPs plus an additional single to vinyl, resulting in the compilation Shrine of Consciousness. Fast forward to 2022 and Serration shared a teaser single “Joy Of Creation” through DAZE and began writing and recording what would become Simulations of Hell.

Simulations Of Hell was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jordan Chase at Oodelally Recordings in Kelowna, BC. The album is available now through DAZE and can be streamed HERE.

Serration is Cody Dewald – Vocals, Jake Braben – Guitar, Jose Flores – Guitar, Matt Wischlinksi – Bass, and Colter James – Drums.

Simulations Of Hell Tracklist:

1. Boreal Serpent

2. A Suicide Note in Midi Format featuring Emma Boster (Dying Wish)

3. Dried Flowers Bathed in Tears

4. Shroud of Gnarled Tongues

5. Chaos Daemon

6. Altar of Guilt featuring David Blom (Sanction)

7. Of The Shapes of Humans and Hearts

8. Simulations of Hell

Upcoming Shows:

w/ Kaonashi

10/5 – Edmonton, AB @ Starlight Room

10/6 – Calgary, AB @ Marda Loop

10/7 – Vancouver, BC @ 369 Carral St