Limbonauts Release New Single & Video ‘Electricity’

LIMBONAUTS release ‘Electricity’ 

“When I’m with you, I don’t know how to conduct myself …”

With their sixth single, ‘Electricity’, the mysterious Limbonauts conjure up an experimental electronic dance anthem about the nature of desire. They pursue a doomed affair in a cocktail lounge orbiting around Saturn whilst a vicious electrical storm whips up outside.

Limbonauts are a space rock entity from another dimension. Since manifesting in our reality in March this year, the extraterrestrial trio have experienced “Explosive Growth” according to the music industry website Chartmetric. Authorities warn anyone coming into contact with Limbonauts not to approach them for your own sanity.

‘Electricity’ drops out of Limbo on 10th July via radiosapien / Distrokid.

No human beings were harmed in the making of the electrically charged video.