Lost Society // If The Sky Came Down // Album Review


Lost Society are back with their new album “If The Sky Came Down” and I’ll be honest I was a little taken aback by their change in style, yes this is going to piss people off and may cost them a few fans but who cares because it’s a killer album, yes the thrash animals are more or less gone but they are replaced by an amazing new clearer sound.

The opening track “112” and track three “(We Are The)Braindead” are a throwback to their original music full on, in your face with the power and intensity that only they can bring, with the latter completely melting your face with a Slipknot twist. “What Have I Done” is where the new sound becomes noticeable as it’s more polished with cleaner vocals and a melodic chorus, the guitars still shred and Elbanna screams a little it is different but in the good sense. “Stitches” and “Awake” come hot on its heels and you can feel the shift in styles here big time, these are more metalcore style tracks and they absolutely smash it, “Stitches” is built off of a thumping bass and drum beat, Elbanna sounds uncannily like Chester Bennington and some monster riffs giving it a nice boost, “Awake” is heavy as hell but unbelievably melodic so much so that you actually forget that you are listening to Lost Society, some great guitar interplay and a crushing solo make this a real standout. “Underneath” carries on where the previous two left off but this is a much more aggressive track with plenty of screaming and roaring through the verses but cleans up when the chorus hits, the chugging riffs and pounding drums drive the song massively but towards the back end of the song there is a great solo backed up by a kicking rhythm that gives it that little extra. “Creature” is a sludgy Pantera-style track with slow languid spoken vocals, heavy bass with thumping drums and grinding riffs for my money making this one of the best tracks on the album. “

Hurt Me” has more ups and downs than a roller coaster; going from a calm to manic in a heartbeat, it’s a good track that has a hint of Avenged Sevenfold, gnarly riffs and a thunderous drum beat backing up some nice guitar work. Title track “If the Sky Came Down” builds to a crescendo very quickly from the off; built on a staccato beat and heavy riffs this is possibly the best track on the album, heavy as fuck but melodic with nice clean vocals and rousing guitars, an instant classic. The album closes with the haunting ballad “Suffocating”, something that is so far removed from anything they have ever done before, completely stripped back to the bones with Elbanna softly singing to the backdrop of a piano.

“If The Sky Came Down” is out on the 7th of October, it will ruffle a few feathers but fuck the begrudgers this is a killer album that deserves a lot of credit for the ballsy changes they have made to their sound.


Review: Conor 



Lost Society If The Sky Came Down is out Friday, Oct 7th courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records





1. 112 3:49
2. What Have I Done 4:02
3. (We Are The) Braindead 3:39 4. Stitches 3:29
5. Awake 5:12
6. Underneath 4:04
7. Creature 3:57
8. Hurt Me 4:28
9. If The Sky Came Down 4:30 10. Suffocating 5:18



Lost Society is:

Samy Elbanna Vocals, lead/rhythm guitar

Arttu Lesonen Rhythm/lead guitar, backing vocals

Mirko Lehtinen Bass

Taz Fagerstrom Drums