Emerging as a dynamic force in the music industry, London-based artist Lava La Rue is set to release their eagerly awaited debut album, ‘STARFACE’ this Summer. The announcement arrives with an addictive new single titled “Push N Shuv” and is a culmination of Lava La Rue’s remarkable journey, marked by a fusion of genres, unapologetic self-expression, and a unique sonic identity.

“Push N Shuv,” is a compelling preview of the forthcoming record’s sound. It’s a musical masterpiece, awash with radiant energy. A homage to the 80’s and its influx of superb alternative music, the electric new single is Lava’s queer-coded take on this era’s sonic. Heavily influenced by the iconic American New wave band Tom Tom Club, Lava worked closely with Karma Kid (Dua Lipa, Amineì, ShyGirl), who produced the record, to create the perfect moment

to kick start the album campaign- awash with audibly inspired notes of prominent names of the time, including Talking Heads, and more.

Speaking on the forthcoming single, Lava states: “I wrote “Push N Shuv” 5 years ago before covid (the vocals you hear on the song are still my 21 year old voice) and I knew when I wrote it 2019 that if I made an album that’s what I wanted it to sound like. It’s literally been years in the making and honing in on that sound and it only feels fitting that this is the song that I announce the album with.”

“Push n Shuv” lands with a mind-blowing visual, co-directed by Lava La Rue and Claryn Chong, alongside MrMr Films. The video, which aligns with the wider narrative of the forthcoming ‘STARFACE’ record, serves as the introduction of Lava’s STARFACE alter-ego, before they travel to earth for the first time. Again, rife with 70’s/80’s infomercials/late night TV riffs, the video even has a magnetic dance break and helps shift the viewer’s consciousness into Lava’s newly created world.

‘STARFACE’ is a conceptual psychedelic sci-fi romance album, centered around the narrative of an eponymous gender-fluid musical space alien sent to planet Earth to study the reasons why humans are so self-destructive. This thematic exploration adds an intriguing layer to the album, promising listeners an immersive experience that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional music storytelling.

‘STARFACE’ is scheduled for release on the 21st of June 2024. As Lava La Rue’s debut LP, it is undoubtedly set to make a significant impact on the music landscape, solidifying their status as an ever-growing artist to watch in 2024.

‘STARFACE’ Tracklist:

  1. “A Star Journey Begins…”
  2. “Better” ft. Cuco
  3. “Manifestation Manifesto”
  4. “Push N Shuv”
  5. “STARFACE’s DESCENT” ft. tendai
  6. “Aerial Head”
  7. “Poison Cookie” ft. Audrey Nuna
  8. “Friendship’s Death Interlude”
  9. “FLUORESCENT / Beyond Space” ft. NiNE8, Feux
  10. “Interplanetary Hoppin” ft. So!YoON!
  12. “CHANGE”
  13. “HUMANITY”
  14. “Second Hand Sadness” ft. YuneÌ Pinku
  15. “Shell of You”
  16. “Sandown Beach”

17.“Celestial Destiny” ft. Bb Sway


More on Lava La Rue:

A defining talent on London’s music scene – and a founding member of NiNE8 Collective – West Lon- don native Lava La Rue is a true creative powerhouse. Equally recognised for their artistic vision, Lava’s directorial work has ended up with them being co-signed by the Tate Morden, heading talks at the BFI and creatively directing a Live TV performance for the 2023 Brit Awards. Since their 2018 online debut performing single “Widdit” on Colors Berlin they’ve released four critical- ly-acclaimed EPs, each navigating their upbringing and influences that range from Gorillaz to the Clash and David Bowie. In 2022 with the genre bending “Hi Fidelity EP” Lava began transforming their sound into something more guitar driven, a transitional project that features collaborations with Foster The People’s Isom Innis and Biig Piig. “I wanted to drop one last project that acts as the bridge between the Lava that debuted, the one everyone knows, and the person I’m becoming,” they ex- plained, and this year they’re finally fully diving into a blend of alternative indie and psychedelic rock; binding together a generation of listeners who’ve long sought something queer and gear shifting in that space. Lava La Rue’s long awaited debut album STARFACE is an epic Sci-Fi inspired adventure that at its lyrical core is concerned about what makes us human. Exploring various genre influences from funk, to dance, to alt rock, and featuring collaborations from Cuco, Audrey Nuna, tendai, and more, Lava La Rue has marked their arrival, with their eyes set on world domination.

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