Kapnas Release Dark Self-Titled Album Kapnas

Kapnas Release Dark Self-Titled Album Kapnas

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Hailing from Montreal, QC, Canada, the eerie heavy outfit Kapnas manifest uncanny atmospheres across textural instrumentation and dynamic vocals. The self-titled full length delves into the obscure nature of life and death through contrasting, dissonant and disturbing tracks.

The band comments:

“We explore the groovy yet fuzzy sides of the coin that is life and death on this album. It was great to sit down and just jam out a bit and get ideas that eventually fit into songs and we are really proud of this album.”

Stream and purchase here: https://kapnas.bandcamp.com/album/kapnas

Written and recorded as a brainstorming jam session at FoxHole Studios in Montreal, Kapnas delivers a dark take on doom through a minimalist fuzz-fuelled style. The songs on the album explore life and death from both fantasised and ‘real’ perspectives, as well as through rose-tinted glasses and the inevitability of change. From the opener ‘Kapnas’ to ‘Budrum’ (Greek term for basement or subsurface space), the band create an immersive experience in a haze of smoke. Percussion drives the rhythms and distorted guitars bring the heaviness while both clean and harsh vocals unleash a creepy and monstrous edge.

Kapnas is:
Kapnothios: guitar & vocals
Brustrella: bass & drum programming


Kapnas Track Listing: 
1. Kapnas
2. Dismal Nostalgia
3. Signs Of Life
4. Under The Pale Moon
5. As Sudden As The End
6. Odd Times Ahead
7. Slo Dth 22
8. Budrum

Kapnas was written and recorded at FoxHole Studios in Montreal by James Aniston