Kailee Morgue Shares Bold New Track, “Queen Bitch”

Kailee Morgue Shares Bold New Track, “Queen Bitch”


Alternative-pop artist, Kailee Morgue reveals her sassy new song “Queen Bitch” on September 22 via Thriller Records. The single draws fans into a world of self-certainty. The track can be found on her forthcoming debut album, Girl Next Door, due out October 28.

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“Queen Bitch” submerges listeners in a theme of confidence. Kailee Morgue explores a bold subject matter, while appearing to beam courage she acknowledges a contrasting feeling of losing value. Melodies formulate a smooth sound delivering hypnotizing sound.


“I wrote ‘Queen Bitch’ after listening to ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole front to back and I just wanted to present this cocky attitude that comes from a place of insecurity. Knowing that the industry is built to capitalize on the exploitation of young women. What might seem like a message of self praise is more just making fun of myself and over compensating.” Says Kailee about the new track.

Girl Next Door is now available for pre-order.


About Kailee Morgue: Unveiling her long awaited debut album Girl Next Door, Arizona native Kailee Morgue brings back all the nostalgia and bite of the 90s and 2000s pop icons she idolized as a child. Morgue talks about girlhood and healing her “inner teenager” on her project that ranges from glittery hyper-femme acoustic tracks to gritty pop-rock anthems.The 24 year old singer/songwriter uses her quick witted tongue-in-cheek edge to candidly give listeners a look into her life and the emotions she often feels at breakneck speed. With the first few tracks already released including “End of My Life”, the visuals showcase her love for horror as she takes on the role of a final girl in a thrilling 2 minute slasher film. The 12 track album displays the versatility and growth of the songstress since her debut EP “Medusa” with a bold shift from the clean pop sounds she started with. The album title, Morgue says, was another way of poking fun. “I thought people might not understand the title if they took it at surface level but that’s kind of the whole point, I don’t take myself too seriously. There’s something so funny about putting on the face of the girl next door when underneath it is something so messy and destructible. I went full Buffy the vampire slayer with the cover art so I wouldn’t have to explain it.” Girl Next Door allows us to see the person behind the lyrics vulnerable as ever as she carves her place in the pop sphere with unapologetic ease. Ultimately, her song-writing has been a tool of survival and healing for her inner teenager. Now, her story is ready to help heal others. Kailee has worked with C.J. Baran (Carly Rae Jepsen, Panic! At The Disco and Bea Miller) to polish the track. Across her whole discography, she’s accomplished over 150 million streams in total. Moreover, her release “Headcase” sampled the Pixies and featured Hayley Kiyoko. She is a multi-talented artist writing songs such as “”LOVE ME HATE ME” for artists Kayzo, CRAY and DE’WAYNE. Kailee has recently released singles, “Loser,” “Trainwreck,” and a feature on London Mars’ track, “Bleach.” Next for Kailee is her upcoming debut album set for release this fall, feeling just as timeless as the universal human experience.

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