Kailee Morgue Release Debut LP Girl Next Door

Kailee Morgue Release Debut LP Girl Next Door


Alternative-pop artist, Kailee Morgue is set to release her radiant debut album “Girl Next Door” on October 28 via Thriller Records. The album is accompanied by a refreshing visualizer for to Kailee Morgue’s recently released single, “Good Day To Be My Dealer”

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Girl Next Door features 12 glossy tracks that melds serene pop-music while tackling subject matters ranging from mental health to the act of confidence. Kailee Morgue hones in on her creativity to life in a personal yet story-telling way.


“This album started as an exploration of why I felt so out of place everywhere I went and turned into this long form project about girlhood and growing up. I dealt with a lot of grieving, insecurity and loneliness over the past few years. I felt so much pressure from everyone around me to be the perfect ‘Girl Next Door’ when I felt anything but ordinary. This project is coming to terms with who I am and attempting to keep my sweetness through the bitterness of life.” Says Kailee Morgue about the new album.

Alongside the release of this album comes a refreshing new visualizer for her recently release single “Good Day To Be My Dealer.”

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This song started as a funny thought I had to myself of “a bad day for me is a good day for my dealer.” I knew I wanted to write about it but not in a way that glorifies how crippling mental illness can be. The lyrics are very candid and truthful. The specifics of pacing around CVS waiting for my prescription and going on this rollercoaster of highs and lows in a matter of 3 minutes has been my mental experience my whole life and I’m so glad I could pin that down with this song!” Says Kailee Morgue about the song

In addition, Kailee will be playing an album release show in Phoenix, Arizona on November 10, Tickets are now available.

Kailee will also be playing alongside The Summer Set in L.A. on November 3, get tickets now and see details below.


About Kailee Morgue: Unveiling her long awaited debut album Girl Next Door, Arizona native Kailee Morgue brings back all the nostalgia and bite of the 90s and 2000s pop icons she idolized as a child. Morgue talks about girlhood and healing her “inner teenager” on her project that ranges from glittery hyper-femme acoustic tracks to gritty pop-rock anthems.The 24 year old singer/songwriter uses her quick witted tongue-in-cheek edge to candidly give listeners a look into her life and the emotions she often feels at breakneck speed. With the first few tracks already released including “End of My Life,” the visuals showcase her love for horror as she takes on the role of a final girl in a thrilling 2 minute slasher film. The 12 track album displays the versatility and growth of the songstress since her debut EP “Medusa” with a bold shift from the clean pop sounds she started with. The album title, Morgue says, was another way of poking fun. “I thought people might not understand the title if they took it at surface level but that’s kind of the whole point, I don’t take myself too seriously. There’s something so funny about putting on the face of the girl next door when underneath it is something so messy and destructible. I went full Buffy the vampire slayer with the cover art so I wouldn’t have to explain it.” Girl Next Door allows us to see the person behind the lyrics vulnerable as ever as she carves her place in the pop sphere with unapologetic ease. Ultimately, her song-writing has been a tool of survival and healing for her inner teenager. Now, her story is ready to help heal others. Kailee has worked with C.J. Baran (Carly Rae Jepsen, Panic! At The Disco and Bea Miller) to polish the track. Across her whole discography, she’s accomplished over 150 million streams in total. Moreover, her release “Headcase” sampled the Pixies and featured Hayley Kiyoko. She is a multi-talented artist writing songs such as “”LOVE ME HATE ME” for artists Kayzo, CRAY and DE’WAYNE. Kailee has recently released singles, “Loser,” “Trainwreck,” and a feature on London Mars’ track, “Bleach.” Next for Kailee is her upcoming debut album set for release this fall, feeling just as timeless as the universal human experience.

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