Hold My Own // In My Way // EP Review


Chicago / New Jersey collective Hold My Own is here with their straight-to-the-face brand of hardcore!

Forming in 2021 & featuring members of some of the most high-profile & hard-hitting hardcore bands in the last decade such as The Mongoloids, MH Chaos, World Demise & Sector. This “supergroup” has harnessed their collective power to create the no-holds-barred Hold My Own.

Hold My Own dropped a great first demo then followed it up with a self-titled EP in 2022, Recently they released a split with Carried By Six earlier this year. Now on DAZE records the mecca of modern hardcore the band is releasing their next 6 tracks of heavy hardcore inspired by some of the best to do it, Bulldoze, Krutch, Madball & Biohazard.

The album opener “In My Way” is like a shotgun blast to the chest. A nonsense track. Opening with guitarist Anchit Chhabra’s whaling dive bombs & feedback before the band hit it hard. This track is full of grooves. Bringing that classic 90’s NYHC style to the track.

Vocalist Gregory Falchetto’s delivery has always been something special. And here his fantastic vocals really give a nice balance between the hard riffs & breakdowns. It’s nice to listen to a record on the first spin & hear the lyrics. Gets you hooked straight away.

“Entitlement” is this year’s mosh anthem. Starting with this hip hop influenced guitar groove as Falchetto vocals follows the track’s rhythm.
A nice Biohazard style back & forth between Falchetto & Chhabra give this EP a great texture. The breakdown on this song is pure chaos & featuring Sector vocalist Jon Ortiz adds that finally little icing on the cake to make this my favourite hardcore track of the year.

By the forth track “Forever True” Hold My Own are still able to keep it interesting. Each track has great fast sections & some hard ass chugging breakdown moments that really keep the track enjoyable. Featuring Senta of the best Japanese hardcore band Numb this track is a classic beatdown style track that will tickle the fancy of any pit demon. This is also a showcase for just how much of a beast Sergio Mendoza is behind the kit!

Closing track “Time Tickets” is a great trashy fast track. Still full of great breakdown moments like its final few seconds but this track still holds no punches. A sweet & quick finish for the album that closes on a high & gives you want you want. The only thing that slightly holds back the EP is only six tracks. All fantastic tracks which leave you wanting more like an album, but sometimes less IS more & the quality the band have crafted on this album is top notch so it makes up for the short run time. And hey there’s always the repeat button!

Hold My Own have been able to merge all the best parts of classic hardcore & filter it through their own 2023 style to create something that’s a breath of fresh air in a world of straight up copycat beatdown bands. A great first full length from a band who are destined to be one of the hardest in the underground hardcore scene!


Review: Joseph Mitchell

In My Way EP is out via DAZE on October 20th, 2023

WATCH: “In My Way” (Music Video)

Gregory Falchetto (vocals)
Anchit Chhabra (guitar/vocals)
Kashish Chhabra (bass)
Sergio Mendoza (drums)


In My Way Tracklist:

1. In My Way

2. Entitlement ft Jon Ortiz (Sector)

3. PNM (For Myself)

4. Forever True ft. Senta (Numb)

5. All The Lies

6. Time Ticks

Upcoming Shows:

October 22nd, 2023 @ Soundwell – Salt Lake City, UT – Wildwest Fest

November 17th, 2023 @ Rubber Gloves – Denton, TX w/ Pain of Truth, King Nine and more

November 18th, 2023 @ VFW Post 577 – Tulsa, OK – Flyover Fest

December 30th, 2023 @ Magic Stick – Detroit, MI – Black Xmas

January 6th, 2024 @ JJC Center – Tampa, FL – FYA Fest

January 13th, 2024 @ Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL – Record Release Show