Halestorm // Back From The Dead // Album Review


One of the biggest Rock bands in the world is back. Halestorm having formed in 1997, the Pennsylvanians have a discography that rivals the best that the music world has to offer. The band a have won a number of awards including a Grammy in 2013 for ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ for the best hard Rock/Metal Performance. Halestorm has toured extensively and played some of the biggest stages available and now they are back with the next full-length album.

Back From The Dead is a title that makes you wonder, are the band suggesting that they are being reborn? If so, why do they feel that they needed this?

As the album starts Lzzy Hale screams “I’m Back From the Dead” and it feels partly like a call to arms but also a release of some kind. The track then heads to a huge sound and you know that this is Halestorm on full power and this is going to pack a hell of a punch.

The riffs through the album are massive and math the aggression that we hear in the vocals, there is definitely nothing being held back here, are the band pushing themselves to find their limits. There really does feel like there is some extra edge to what we experience. The passion and heaviness slap you around the face in ways that you may not have experienced for some time.

There are some more sedate and stripped back songs that allow you to catch your breath as the band displays their full range. ‘Terrible Things’ is one of these songs and in many ways is quite haunting. The song certainly grabs your emotions and you will immediately relate so make sure that you have the tissues nearby.

From start to finish this album feels like Halestorm with extra oomph. Everything feels like it’s been dialled up to 11 and sounds incredible. There is no half-arsed on this album and will turn some heads whilst also pushing the ban to the headline slots at major festivals. There has been some concern around the upcoming wave of headliners for the big festivals, well Back From The Dead throws Halestorm right to the front of the queue and shows that the future is not just safe but also exciting.

If people wanted to know what the perfect rock album sounds like, give this a blast, you won’t hear much better.


Ed Ford


Back From The Dead will be released on May 6th 2022 via Atlantic Records.




Back From The Dead

Wicked Ways

Strange Girl


The Steeple

Terrible Things

My Redemption


I Come First

Psycho Crazy

Raise Your Horns