Guerrilla Warfare // C O N T R O L // EP Review


Having already created a stir with their unique approach to music, Guerrilla Warfare has returned with a new EP. Holding the title of the first signing by 333 Wreckords Crew, the Rap / Metal band from Louisville, Kentucky is about to create a whole lot of havoc.

The three-piece band claim that the EP is “meant as a two-part concept piece, exploring dualism within society and human psyche” so how does the sound of this latest audible diary stack up?

Comprising 5 tracks, one thing is perfectly clear. This is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of chaos.

Opening with ‘Flesh n’ Bone (SmaLL TaLk)’ the combination of Hardcore and Punk smacks you square in the temple, with its aggression and raw sound. The lyrics spit at you as the music makes you want to smash things in a mosh pit. The emotion and energy of the combination are nothing more than punishing, yet it feels amazing.

Continuing into ‘SmaLL hiLLz’ the crustiness and rawness grate at you as the Rap aspect of this trio flows like the old school whilst the chugging and crashing drums make a feel of Nu Metal, not the shit sort, but the good sort.

If you are too young to remember the movement, then this will give you an idea, but if it had all been like this, the genre would still be huge.

The EP title track has a heavy Hip Hop feel to it whilst heavy Metal aspects keep coming in and headbutting you on the bridge of your nose. The sound has the same impact as your nose being splattered as well.

The genre battle continues as the EP flies through the final two tracks, one minute being a fully-fledged Rap track and then a filthy riff later and you feel like you’re in a sweaty dark room being jolted around. Both aspects are incredible and when the two combine fully, the result is special.

This EP shows why the label wanted the band as their first signing and if they keep creating music like this, 333 Wreckords Crew won’t ever Guerrilla Warfare to leave. What I know is that I really enjoyed this EP and want the band to keep making this quality music, where all my favourite genres collide and create brilliance.

Ed Ford


C O N T R O L will be released Friday 22nd April 2022 via 333 Wreckords Crew.




  1. Flesh n’Bone (SmaLL TaLk
  2. SmaLL hiLLz
  3. C O N T R O L
  4. MuLLigaN
  5. How to Breathe in Space

  6. Guerrilla Warfare announce new EP “C O N T R O L” coming April 22nd

    Listen to first single “MuLLigaN” now:





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