Get to Know Brooklyn Indie/Emo Trio wakelee

Brooklyn Indie/Emo Trio wakelee

Consisting of identical twins Alex (vocals/guitar) and David Bulmer (drums) and Elliot Shiang (vocals/bass) releasing new album later this year.


Stream the latest singles “Mood Rings” “Outside” and “Everything Under The Sun”

Produced by Superbloom’s Brian DiMeglio (Bartees Strange, Grandad)


Photo: Eve Maheney

Formed in Brooklyn in 2019, wakelee consists of identical twins Alex (vocals/guitar) and David Bulmer (drums) and Elliot Shiang (vocals/bass). They met at a friend’s show in New York and immediately bonded over Halal food and Indie music. They have since released an EP, a healthy batch of emo-tinged singles, and are prepping to release their debut album, produced by Superbloom’s Brian DiMeglio (Bartees Strange, Grandad) which is expected to come out in the Spring of 2023.

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Stream wakelee’s latest singles:

“Mood Rings”

Alex says, “Mood Rings is inspired by the feeling of not knowing how to feel after something bad happens and the general processing of emotions.”

Watch the “Mood Rings” video here:

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“Mood Rings” Single Art

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“Everything Under The Sun” Single Art

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“Outside” Single Art


“Outside was written from the idea that I often use a nice sunny day to distract myself and to clear my head, but living in New York doesn’t always allow that.”

“Everything Under The Sun”

“Everything Under the Sun is about a relationship that slipped away and all the thoughts that swarm when you get a moment to yourself.”

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