Felicette release debut single ‘Go To Hell’

Introducing: Felicette

The 90s-inspired alt-rock quartet release debut single ‘Go To Hell’

Their debut EP ‘Go To Hell’ is set for release 5th Dec via Everything Sucks Music

See Felicette live at dates with Muncie Girls & Toodles and the Hectic Pity

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Named after the first cat in space, Felicette are a 90s-inspired alt rock band based in London and the South West. They were forged in the UK DIY scene with members also playing / having played in bands like Supermilk, Cheerbleederz, Matagot, Doe and Painter. Felicette’s debut single ‘Go To Hell’ is brimming with the kind of attitude-fired melodies and catharsis that fuelled icons like Juliana Hatfield, the Breeders, Throwing Muses, Sleeper, Elastica and Veruca Salt.

Vocalist and guitarist Sophie MacKenzie explains that ‘Go To Hell’ is “a song about needing to tell someone how badly they have hurt you, but simultaneously never wanting anything to do with them again for the same reason. There is also a sense that since the relationship is already over, more talking won’t achieve anything. The first verse tells the story of someone who didn’t say anything in response to the hurt, and the second of someone who did.”

‘Go To Hell’ is the title track of Felicette’s debut EP which will be released 5th December on all digital services and cassette tape via London-based indie Everything Sucks Music. Elsewhere on the release, the EP addresses disgraced average white men in power who claim to be victimised and cancelled, when in reality they have never faced any real consequences for their damaging actions, and remain in power (‘Small Man Big Ideas’). There’s also anxiety for the future (‘Palpitations’) and the dissolution of a friendship (‘Helen’).

This is an EP that captures the essence of the ’90s with Felicette’s raw, energetic sound, punchy guitars and bright melodic hooks and harmonies shining throughout. It’s the culmination of the band’s passion for music and a nod to the pioneers that came before them, human and feline alike.

Felicette are:

Rose Asprey – Vocals, Bass Guitar  |  Milly Sullivan – Guitar

Sophie MacKenzie – Vocals, Guitar  |  Jake Popyura – Drums

See Felicette live:

26th November   The Library Pub, Oxford w/ Spank Hair and Toodles and the Hectic Pity

7th December      Rough Trade, Bristol w/ Muncie Girls

Connect with Felicette:

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1. Small Man, Big Ideas

2. Palpitations

3. Go To Hell

4. Helen