Early ’90s NY metallic hardcore band Confusion share remastered track “Distorted Visions”

Early ’90s NY metallic hardcore band Confusion share remastered track “Distorted Visions”

Team up with DAZE and Generation Records for upcoming release of

Storm The Walls: 1990-1994

STREAM: “Storm The Walls”

New York metallic hardcore band Confusion came to rise out of Brooklyn in the early 1990s, mixing real hardcore with death metal. The band recently announced they’ll be teaming up with DAZE and New York’s Generation Records to release Storm The Walls: 1990-1994 later this year. Having already shared the remastered version of single “Storm The Walls,” today the band unleashes “Distorted Visions.” The song was first released in 1992 on the band’s Taste of Hate EP and also appeared on the East Coast Assault compilation from seminal Philadelphia label Too Damn Hype Records. The song packs a groove-leading riff and leans into the band’s more hardcore sensibilities. You can stream it here now.

Storm The Walls: 1990-1994 is the complete recorded discography of the band, remastered by Mark Dann. The packaging features liner notes from members of Indecision, All Out War, Starkweather, Next Step Up, Darkside NYC and more. Combining the brutality of Obituary and Deicide with the groove and street smarts of Biohazard and Breakdown, Confusion is often credited for creating the original “deathcore” sound. The compilation will be available on both vinyl and CD this summer.

Confusion has been comprised of:

Michael Scondotto (bassist 1990—1994)

Mike Fried (vocals 1990—1994)

Ralph Canovic (drums 1990—1994)

Frank Collins (guitarist 1990—1992)

Mike Price (guitarist 1991—1993)

Pete Melucci (guitarist 1993—1994)


1. Confusion (1990)

2. Taste of Hate (1990)

3. Selfishness (1990)

4. Trendy World / A Confused Rage (1990)

5. Intro / Confusion (1991)

6. Without Hope (1991)

7. Distorted Visions (1991)

8. Confusion (1992)

9. A Fatal Infection (1992)

10. Distorted Visions (1992)

11. Early Frost (1992)

12. Storm The Walls (1993)