Dødsferd + Sarvok // Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions // Album Review


I won’t hide the fact that I am a huge fan of Dødsferd. The way that Wrath works and what he stands for, the music that has been created by Dødsferd has been some of the rawest and most emotive music that you are likely to hear and never fails to fully engage me in ways like no other. This however doesn’t mean that I review favorably on the releases, if anything I am more critical.

Having formed in 2001 by Wrath as a one-man outfit and having a plethora of releases under his belt, it is clear that the mastermind behind the band never stands on his laurels and always wants to push himself and continue to can push the boundaries of emotive music and reaching new depths with their incredible Atmospheric Black Metal.

On this release Wrath is joined by Sarvok. Sarvok is a mysterious unknown figure and comments that this unique blend of music “is like a meditation to esoteric occultism.”

This combination is one that makes me very excited with the combination of atmospherics, depressive music and ambience, you know that this is going to cut deep.

From the off, the depths that this release reaches is incredible and as haunting as it is, it is also soothing and cathartic. Whether this is due to the recent loss I have experienced, the depressive nature feels like it mirrors my exact feelings and emotions.

The steady notes, the enchanting drums and the tone of the opening track will take over you straight away and make you look within, in the darkest areas of your heart and head. The fact that you are now under the hypnotic trance of the duo, you travel further inward and as things get darker and you feel you are reaching levels of despair you never know possible, you also feel a wave of relief as those buried emotions begin to get let out.

The way that the atmospherics provided by Sarvok knit together with Black Metal and the mourning nature of the vocal provided by Dødsferd is a match made in sorrow and something that is so good.

There are few releases that are so raw and emotive so please consider this before pressing play, however, if you ever feel that you are alone, reach for this album and you will soon find that is not the case, in fact it may feel like this is the audible expression of what you are experiencing.

Thank you to both for creating this beautifully melancholy music.

Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions: Collaboration album with Sarvok will be released Friday, May 26th 2023 via Fucking Your Creation Records

Ed Ford




Το βάρος να νιώθεις ζωντανός (The Burden of Feeling Alive)
….και το είδος σας θα ακολουθήσει (…and your kind will follow)

Πολέμιος της Κοινωνικής σας Σήψης (Against your Social Decay)

Εγκατάληψη (Deserted)
Μοναξιά (Solitude)