DeWolff breaks Jack White’s record for world’s fastest ‘Studio-to-store’ record

DeWolff breaks record for world’s fastest ‘Studio-to-store’ record
Rosita Rápida in 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 38 seconds from recording to counter

DeWolff will be playing Planet Rockstock on Saturday 2 December.
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Photo (C) Jaap Kroon
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DeWolff has produced the world’s fastest Studio-to-store record on Thursday. The Dutch band started recording at 1 pm in the Artone Studio at Record Industry, and exactly 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 38 seconds later, the first 12-inch vinyl single Rosita Rápida was sold at Sounds in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

DeWolff will be playing Planet Rockstock, Wales on Saturday 2 December. Tickets HERE

DeWolff played a 20-minute live version of the song Rosita with a 6-piece band, in front of an audience, resulting in two sides of a 12-inch direct-to-disc. After that, the Record Industry team quickly got to work making the molds with which the vinyl was pressed. In the meantime, the cover was also printed and folded. After pressing, the band cycled from Record Industry to Sounds in the center of Haarlem in 10 minutes, where the first copy was sold to the lucky fans, and the clock was stopped.

DeWolff: “It was really cool to be able to do this in front of the audience. Recording live is great, but to also see the entire production process up close and to be able to bring your music to the store in the form of a fresh record is something else.”

Anouk Rijnders (CCO Record Industry): “It feels very special to be able to do this in-house with DeWolff and our team on the 25th anniversary of Record Industry. In the process from recording to store, we go through about eight steps, where everything has to fit together seamlessly. The fact that everything succeeds even within three hours is an incredible team effort.”

The old studio-to-store world record stood at three hours, fifty-five minutes, and twenty-one seconds and was held by Jack White, known from The White Stripes. The Third Man Records owner responded during the attempt saying “wishing you the best of luck on this attempt. Please post pictures of the metal work being made and the records being pressed, everyone at Third Man would love to see and are all wishing you luck as well. I hope you break the record (not literally).”

Rosita Rápida can now be ordered everywhere.

DeWolff’s latest album, ‘Love, Death & In Between’ is out now on Mascot Records. Watch the videos for Will ‘o Th Wisp | Heart Stopping Kinda Show | Night Train

25 Years of Record Industry
Record Industry is one of the largest vinyl pressing companies in the world and will celebrate its 25th anniversary on June 1, 2023. The factory produces more than 11 million records per year.


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