Destruction // Diabolical // Album review


What better way to celebrate your 40th anniversary than by unleashing your 15th album?

The German Thrash legends Destruction is doing just that and let’s be honest there’s never a bad time for a quality Thrash record, but when it also ties in with such a landmark, it becomes even more special.

For people new (somehow) to Destruction, you must be able to read into the fact that they have been successfully making blistering music for such a long time and have been trailblazers for German Thrash Metal along with the likes of Kreator, Tankard and Sodom.

I’m not sure you should need a warning before pressing play, if you do, strap yourself in!

As the album opens, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security as the music is steady and quite relaxed, things are about to get a whole lot frantic!

As the album title track lands the killer guitars riff and wail whilst the drum sets the blistering pace before the unmistakable vocal lands. If you don’t have a massive grin on your face by now, you need to have a good long look at yourself in the mirror!

This high octane full-body assault doesn’t let up as the pace retains its frantic levels and the guitars just slice to the skies with unreal solos as the massive riffs continue to hack at your knees.

By the end of the second track, your cardio will already have tested as your heart races with the beat, if you are an athletic person, use it to fuel your workout, there will be personal bests on every level.

Destruction uses their experience to ensure that the tracks all have their own quality and that they don’t morph into one long Thrash track. Every single track is breathtakingly quick and face-meltingly hot. It is a joy to listen to such quality, fretboard abusing riffs and screaming solos.

It is very clear to see how and why Destruction has continued to be at the point of the Thrash arrow and in this form that will certainly continue.

Diabolical will smash the brains out of new and old fans of Thrash, drawing in new fans and also providing a huge slice of brilliance for the more experienced fans of the genre. Press play, ramp it up and have a lot of fun with Destruction.

Ed Ford


Diabolical will be released Friday 8th April 2022 via Napalm Records.


Track list


Diabolical Tracklist:

1 – “Under The Spell”

2 – “Diabolical”

3 – “No Faith In Humanity”

4 – “Reprent Your Sins”

5 – “Hope Dies Last”

6 – “The Last Of A Dying Breed”

7 – “State Of Apathy”

8 – “Tormented Soul”

9 – “Servant Of The Beast”

10 – “The Lonely Wolf”

11 – “Ghost From The Past”

12 – “Whorefication”

13 – “City Baby Attacked By Rats” (G.B.H. Cover)