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Old-school death metal is riding a huge wave right now. Be it the new modern bands writing traditional death metal albums or members of classic bands from the era banding together to create great new projects.

DeathCollector is one of those new great projects!

Featuring former & current members of some of the best bands the UK & Ireland have ever offered, DeathCollector is a strong link in the chain of excellent death metal in 2023.

Featuring Andrew Whale (Bolt Thrower/Darkened), Mick Carrey (Zealot Cult), Lee Cummings (Severe Lacerations) & Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown).

Now with a list of credentials like those you might think that DeathCollector might be a retread of the group’s older work, but I’m here to say these guys are bringing something different & exciting to the table.

Their first full-length “Death’s Toll” is a merging of the OSDM sound with a modern furious twist. Nine tracks of non-stopping aggression, arse-beating drums & some hella catchy riffs!

Opening track & also the title track “Death’s Toll” sets the template for the next nearly 40 minutes of bludgeoning death metal.

Groove-laden guitar riffs mixed with Whales hard-hitting & perfect timing drumming style create a fantastic opening for the band’s debut. Dipping their legs into the OSDM sound but with a fresh & modern style production gives it the thick backbone the tracks need to stay brutal enough, while still making it accessible to a modern death metal fans palette.

“Coarse Visions” opens up like a thunderous rampage. Whales heavy tom drumming perfectly locked into Cummings thick bass tone. Giving the track the opening it deserves before it turns into a chainsaw-like riffing style from Carrey. Again dipping its toes in the Swedish OSDM sound but still keeping it full on DeathCollector.

Now on this track vocalist Kieran Scott really shines. And really on the whole album his vocal approach helps the band have that different style impact. Scotts deeper, dirtier & even swampy vocal range gives the band a nice juxtaposition. The thick base from Whales & Cummings is one element, Carrey’s heavy but punchy guitar tone & finally Scotts vocal style. All the elements very different from each other work very well together.

Everyone on the album gets heard, each member stands out but as a whole the album is very cohesive & the best produced death metal debut i’ve heard recently.

Even in the latter half of the album tracks like “Internal Expansion” help give “Death’s Toll” different tonality. Opening with a chugging riff section & a nice solid back beat before picking up the rhythm. This track isn’t at breakneck speed but it’s a nice double kick, very heavy palm muted track that doesn’t stay out of its welcome.

Featuring also a great lead section from Carrey, giving you a great Slayer & Death inspired taste lick that compliments the track greatly.

“Supergroups” or whatever term you wish to use sometimes can be a little bit tricky. Either sounding too much like their original projects or can fall very flat. Luckily DeathCollector have been able to create phenomenal sound whether or not of their accolades.

A very surprise solid debut album that will surely tickle the fancy of many death metal subgenres, there’s lots to love with this album!

Joseph Mitchell

Death’s Toll is out via Prosthetic Records on 23 June 2023

Watch the lyric video for ‘A Taste of Ichor’ here:

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DeathCollector ARE:

Andrew Whale – Drums (Bolt Thrower/Darkened)

Mick Carrey – Lead/Rhythm Guitar (Zealot Cult)

Lee Cummings – Bass (Severe Lacerations)

Kieran Scott – Vocals  (Ashen Crown)


1 Death’s Toll

2 Mental Hedonist

3 DeathCollector

4 Coarse Visions

5 Terrorizer

6 A Taste of Ichor

7 Internal Expansion

8 Revel in the Gore

9 Review Guilt

DeathCollector online:

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