Cvinger // Doctrines By The Figures Of Crnobog // Album Review


Slovenian black metal band CVINGER are back to unleash the third chapter in their discography.

Branding a raw, primal & diverse style of black metal, CVINGER has been creating albums not for the faint of heart. First exploding onto the black metal scene in 2013 with their demo “Abyss of Horns”. Quickly following with an E.P. and the band’s debut album “The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls”.

2016’s “Embodied in Incense” was the last output for the band, A real showcase of the band’s evolution of sound & a fantastic album.

Now seven years later they are here to unleash another slice of brutal & unforgiving black metal to the masses with the release of “Doctrines by the Figures of Crnobog”.

Comprising ten tracks & with just under forty-six miniature run time the album is a thick slab of punishment & awakening.

Opening with “Meditations at the World’s Demise”, a slow, melodic intro that builds its atmosphere nicely. Sometimes bands can start an intro with samples & noises to pad run time. But here the track is nicely produced. Glorious chants blend with bells & percussion to really set the tone of the album. As the track builds it quickly & nicely follows into the next track “Revelation of the Three-Headed One”.

A grand sweeping & stop/starting riff begins the track, then the band showcase their ferocious sound. Consistent blast beats, angler riffing & crazy chord structures make this track stand out from the formalistic black metal.

“Blood Catharsis and the Mantra of Depravity” is a real primal & chaotic track. The opening section is pure brutality & aggression. The route that Cvinger chose to take with production is a great one. Modern black metal can sometimes be too clean & sterile. But a track like this shows that the band can keep the original black metal sound but also push it forward within the production while still keeping it raw & punishing.

Like the album’s opening, “The Winter Night of the Funeral Pyres” is a nice halfway-point interlude that continues the expansive sound of the band’s textual abilities. This time featuring a beautiful acoustic guitar & violin piece this interlude is a nice breather & really sets the albums over all tone.

“Totemism” is another track that is all out sonic warfare, A true showcase of the best merging of all black metal subgenres. Opening with a tribalistic drum section before the band unleashes another assault. The track also showcases the talent within the group. Drummer Morgoth shines on this track, feral like drumming but shades of great technical ability. Unchained & menacing guitar riffs & song structures from guitarist Bagot & capping it off with the huge vocal range of singer Lucerus.

“Doctrines by the Figures of Crnobog” is a shining example of keeping black metal in its most primordial sound but also expanding it, giving it rich textures & meaning.

The raw, unbridled sound of this record helps create something fresh & exciting within the black metal genre.

Review: Joseph Mitchell

The new CVINGER album will be released digitally and as jewelcase CD in cooperation of Polish label Via Nocturna Records (pre-order). Release date is scheduled for August 25th, 2023. Cover artwork was made by Mitchel Nolte. Bass was recorded by Byting (ex-Gehenna).


1. Meditations at the World’s Demise

2. Revelation of the Three Headed One

3. Fury Born out of Bones and Fire

4. Blood Catharsis and the Mantra of Depravity

5. The Winter Night of the Funeral Pyres

6. Slava

7. Totemism

8. Cosmic Realm

9. Doctrines by the Figures of Crnbog

10. Chants and Canticle


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