Cryptic Wisdom ‘Hate You Back’ EP Out Friday!





Alternative hip-hop artist Cryptic Wisdom will drop his new EP HATE YOU BACK on Friday, November 11 via RBC Records/BMG.

The EP, produced by Matty Beats (Nic D, Connor Price, Shamir), is “a cathartic escape into the twists and turns of a toxic relationship, both within yourself and with a significant other,” according to Cryptic Wisdom. It features the previously released “Can’t Be Saved,” which embodies pride, ego, & fragility, and the romantic and poetically melancholic “You Do.” The accompanying videos for both singles tie together to tell a story of love and perseverance set in medieval times. The third and final part of the trilogy will be released in December with the music video for the EP’s title track, “Hate You Back.”

Cryptic Wisdom, the creative moniker of David Gonzalez, combines grungy alternative rock with poetic hip-hop to tell stories and teach life lessons. On HATE YOU BACK, Cryptic tackles self-sabotage, love, loss, insecurity, and melancholy with his signature vulnerable edge, poetic rap vocals, and striking melodies.

“It’s easy to get lost in the ebb and flow of life, particularly when most of your time is spent making amends and keeping it from falling apart entirely,” shares Cryptic. “I hope that the world will listen and follow along closely as I guide them through my experiences in life, if only to learn from my mistakes. I am a firm believer in embracing your emotions and facing your insecurities and vulnerabilities head-on, but you don’t have to make sadness your identity. There is always love, and you can always find it lying in wait for you when you begin to love yourself.”


  1. Can’t Be Saved
  2. You Do
  3. Get In A Rage
  4. Perfect
  5. Hate You Back
  6. Emotional Damage

Throughout his career, Cryptic Wisdom has released dozens of singles collaborating with many of his peers including Hopsin, Rittz, Vin Jay, Emilio Rojas, and more. He has also released a handful of mixtapes as well as three full-length records; LOVE YOU HATE ME (2021), Hindsight (2020), and X’s & O’z (2014).

Enduring a difficult upbringing and recovering from drug addiction, Cryptic Wisdom isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in his art. “I believe that people have an easier time dealing with life if they feel like they’re not alone like they know somebody who has been there before and understands what they’re going through,” shares Cryptic who refers to his fanbase as cousins in order to invoke the feeling of family. “My job is to bring people comfort by talking about my struggle and being openly transparent about my journey. I make music for people who need inspiration and somebody to lean on.” The Arizona native strives to empower others to be themselves and not care about what others think.