CREMULATION // Resurrection Of The Rotten // EP REVIEW


Make way for South Wales’ Death Metal outfit, Cremulation.  Comprised of members from the previous band Crimson Ruin these musicians share a mutual interest in Retro Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  Bemused by over-complicated and excessive technical takes of modern forms of the genre, the trio are bonded by a desire to take Death Metal back to its raw state and their four-track debut EP ‘Resurrection Of The Rotten’ serves as eight minutes of proof that there is a welcome space at the Old School Death Metal table.

The brutal assault of frenzied instruments at the beginning of the first track ‘Human Sludge’ gradually grinds into a chunky satisfying riff that carries you along, briefly speeding to instil another dose of well-placed panic.  Second track ‘Flesh Chamber’ captures you with a steady thud of drums, a chugging chainsaw-like spillage of guitars and grizzly, slightly muffled (or maybe muzzled) vocals that suggest an imaginary combination of Jeffrey Dahmer and Leatherface. You’ll no doubt find your head submitting to rhythmic nodding following the catchy pattern of riffs and chorus in this one (it’s even disturbingly garnished with voice samples of Dahmer speaking about his crimes in the ‘90s.)  The instruments are prevalent in ‘Resurrection Of The Rotten’, a slower-riffed and zombie-themed track which pays homage to the original Night Of The Living Dead film. Vocals in the verses are slightly clearer, lending a Sludge-Punk edge to the atmosphere whilst the chorus vocals bring the Death Metal element to the party.  Final track ‘Strangled and Mangled’ provides a deep dark and heavy ending to the EP.  It’s a song that will have you in a chokehold by the first half of it, toy with the tempo and then disposes of you without a second thought.

Resurrection Of The Rotten’ is OUT 13th Feb 2023 and contains a heavy dose of addictive OSDM nostalgia.  Head to  Get Listening (Cassettes & CD’s also available!)

See them play live: Cremulation support Wormrot at Fuel Cardiff 02/04/2023






Greg Fleming – Drums and Vocals

Steve Gabica – Guitar and Vocals

Lee Harris – Bass and Vocals