CHAMBER – Announce Album ‘A Love To Kill For’ & Release New Video ‘Devoured’ Ft. Matt Honeycutt

Nashville Metalcore Agitators CHAMBER Announces New Album
A Love To Kill For’ out 14th July 2023 via Pure Noise Records

New Single and Video ‘Devoured‘ Ft. Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan TX Out Now

Rising Nashville metalcore agitators CHAMBER have announced the band’s return this summer with the release of their highly anticipated second full-length record, “A Love To Kill For,” that’s due out 14th July 2023 from Pure Noise Records. Pre-order the album now at

CHAMBER is giving fans a taste of the brutal, forthcoming record today with the  brand new single titled “Devoured” Ft. Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan TX, which is accompanied by the music video seen HERE or by clicking the image below.

Commenting on “Devoured,” the band says: “Devoured’ is essentially about people who don’t know when to give up on something. We wrote the whole song at the studio and tried to turn up the extremity in every way possible. Some skeletons for songs on the record were written beforehand, but this one was written in the studio in roughly an hour while we were jamming in the live room.

The band’s savage new single, follows their tumultuous track, “Tremble,” released a few months back.

The massive riffs and neck-snapping breakdowns on tracks like “Devoured” and previously released track “Tremble” are a testament to the bands sonic brutality, a heaviness that can also be heard in their lyrical messages of “A Love To Kill For.”

It’s an album about people getting lost or mired in bullshit, whether that’s addiction or narcissism or selfishness,” says guitarist Gabe Manuel. “There are all sorts of ways the people you love can fail you in search of themselves, and ways people don’t come back from that.

A Love To Kill For” Tracklisting: 
1. Chamber
2. Retribution
3. At My Hands
4. Tremble
5. To Die In The Grips Of Poison
6. One Final Sacrifice
7. We Followed You To The Bitter End
8. Our Beauty Decayed, Nothing Was Left
9. Devoured
10. When Deliverance Comes
11. Mirror
12. Cyanide Embrace
13. A Love To Kill For
14. Hopeless Portrait

Pre-order ‘A Love To Kill For’ now at