Cave Moth – US Noise/Blackgaze Experimentalists Reveal New Song “In Memoria Aeterna”

Cave Moth – US Noise/Blackgaze Experimentalists Reveal New Song “In Memoria Aeterna”

US noise/blackgaze experimentalists Cave Mouth have recently unveiled the leading single off their forthcoming new EP “In Memory Eternal”, which is set to be released on March 29th.

Titled “In Memoria Aeterna”, this new track has premiered at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who had this to say about the new track “…my favorite thing about this track is the unique blend of the abrasive, desperate screamo vocal and the cleaner, shoegaze-y, dejected voice that accompanies them. They both channel the sort of faded out fatigue that the album cover implies, channeling regret, nostalgia, and resigned anger.”  

Listen/share “In Memoria Aeterna” here:

For nearly a decade, Cave Moth have been turning some heads thanks largely to their intriguing and caustic combination of noise, grindcore, and death metal driving each song. It’s no new territory, yet the diversity of their sounds and the full-blooded urgency of their playing really sets them apart from many bands of their kind.

Originally from Florida, Cave Moth now resides in that peculiar space on the internet that oscillates between live band and studio project with members spread out across the east coast.

The band’s new EP “In Memory Eternal”, however, sees a shift in direction with Cave Moth injecting more black metal and screamo influences into their songs.

“We’ve dabbled in the post hardcore/screamo ether before. This is more similar to our 2021 release “Don’t Worry”, but In Memory Eternal definitely has a more black metal feel. I was experimenting with chord melodies and just found it really easy to write music in that melancholic, minor key vibe.” Says the guitarist/vocalist Daniel Quinn.

This 10-minute composition hauntingly blends the melodies of Pianos Become the Teeth and Really From with explosive energy of black metal, delivering a visceral sonic experience.