Tir – Australian Dark Folk Project Ft  Empyrium’s Thomas Helm Reveal New Song ‘The Mists of the Eternal Meadow’

Tir – Australian Dark Folk Project Ft  Empyrium’s Thomas Helm Reveal New Song ‘The Mists of the Eternal Meadow’ 

Australia based solo project Tir (Oytun Bektaş) today shares a new track off his fifth full-length ‘Awaiting the Dawn’, which is set for release under the dual banners of Brilliant Emperor Records (LP) & Orko Productions (CD/tape) on April 7. The follow up to 2021’s ‘Persepolis’ presents a one and half year musical journey and noticeable shift in Tir’s artistic philosophy towards the purity of his dark folk/medieval roots, whilst still acknowledging the projects successful “Dungeon Synth” beginnings.

Titled ‘The Mists of the Eternal Meadow’, this new track is now playing via Echoes and Dust at this location.

About this track, Oytun writes: “It was a misty night. I was looking for him deep in the forest.  At first there was just shadow, but then I realised it was a memory, a memory from my childhood. My fathers silhouette had guided me, caressed my head and then woke me up. Then finally I understood that it was only a moment, and it will always remain so.”

The album’s leading single “C’Est La Fin (Part I)” is still playing here.

Tir’s second album, ‘Urd Skuld Verdandi’ (2019) had a huge impact on the scene around the world, already featuring elements that would seed Tir’s sound and mature into ‘Awaiting The Dawn’. Part of that album’s success arose out of the collaboration with vocalist Thomas Helm, most noticeably known for his work with Empyrium and more recently, Ortnit‘Awaiting The Dawn’ deepens this relationship, procuring the hauntingly beautiful voice of Thomas Helm once again, sounding this time more like an embedded expression of Tir, rather than a guest vocalist.
The album was also mixed & mastered by Markus Stock (Empyrium, Sun of the Sleepless). Although an unheard voice on the album, Markus’s engineering work on ‘Awaiting The Dawn’ offers us, through a deep kinship to the various expressions of Tir’s musical creators, the perfect equilibrium through which we can experience this amazing album. Pre-orders are now available at this location.