Dune Sea – Norwegian Psych/Stoner-Rockers Reveal New Song “Hevn”

Dune Sea – Norwegian Psych/Stoner-Rockers Reveal New Song “Hevn” Via The Sleeping Shaman

Norwegian psych/stoner rockers Dune Sea today share another track off their imminent third album “Orbital Distortion”, which is set for release on November 11th via All Good Clean Records.

Titled “Hevn”, this song is now playing at The Sleeping Shaman at this location.

“Hevn (vengeance in Norwegian) is a proto-metal-epic about how the Norse gods will return from space to take back what once was theirs. This is our longest song ever and the final track on the new album.” Says the band about this new album.

If you missed it, the leading single “Hubro” is still playing here.

Since their self-titled debut album in 2019, Dune Sea have establish themselves as a solid part of the Norwegian psych-scene. Their psych-space rock universe has expanded for every release and with their upcoming 3rd album “Orbital Distortion” it seems like they have left the Earth for good cruising though the cosmos.