Candlemass // Epicus Doomicus Metallicus // Album Review


Epicus Doomicus Metallicus IS the doom metal blueprint.

Along with albums like Black Sabbath & Day of Reckoning, Candlemass have been given the title of the creators of the epic doom metal genre.

Now 35 years later their debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” is being celebrated in the most glorious way!

Peaceville is releasing a special triple coloured vinyl set commemorating 35 years of the iconic debut of masterful doom metal, containing remastered audio, plus rare pre-Epicus recordings from 1985 including the legendary ‘witchcraft’ demo. also includes an 8-page booklet, A2 poster, & letter print from founder Leif Edling.

Now for an album that is a true classic you never wanted to change too much when it comes to a remaster or re-recording. But luckily Peaceville has been able to remaster the album in a very tasteful way.

Still keeping the raw, stripped-back sound of Epicus Doomicus Metallicus but also giving it a slightly warmer sound. This remaster will sound great on the thick-cut vinyl that’s for sure!

The opening track “Solitude” still has the impact from the first day I heard it when I first got into heavy music. The acoustic guitar intro with Johan Längqvist’s haunting yet beautiful singing is still profound to this day!

“Crystal Ball” shows the heavy chugging guitars that went to influence the stoner/doom genre. The more upbeat, double bass track but still has that epic sweeping guitar sound Candlemass is known for. A track that shines with the remastering!

Now for all the bonus goodies that come with the vinyl release.

The “Witchcraft Demo” is one of the best classic demos I’ve heard.

Even a demo recording from 1985 still grabs ahold of you. You can hear Candlemass crafting their sound. It may still be a little rough around the edge for a demo recording but it’s still stellar!

The last vinyl showcases the Upplands Vasby rehearsal from Nov`85. With a few alternative takes of tracks “Demon`s Gate” & “Under The Oak” which all feel nicely different each track that it’s not just the same thing over & over. Each take has its own little nuances.

The release Peaceville has been able to create is the perfect way to celebrate such a monumental album. Filled to the brim with some great demos & rehearsal tracks that aren’t just filling up a boxset. What the band & label have crafted together is the perfect way to celebrate 35 years of a heavy metal masterpiece.

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Epicus Doomicus Metallicus 35th Anniversary Lp Box Set Is Out Via Peaceville On 3rd June 2022


A.1. Solitude [05:34]

A.2. Demon`s Gate [09:10]

A.3. Crystal Ball [05:21]

B.1. Black Stone Wielder [07:34]

B.2. Under The Oak [06:52]

B.3. A Sorcerer`s Pledge [08:20]


C.1. Warchild (Witchcraft Demo, Jan `85) [03:34]

C.2. Crystal Ball (Witchcraft Demo, Jan `85) [04:51]

C.3. A Sorcerer`s Pledge (Witchcraft Demo, Jan `85) [07:26]

C.4. Into The Unfathomed Tower (Witchcraft Demo, Jan`85) [03:02]

D.1. Black Stone Wielder (O.A.L. Studio Demo, Dec `85) [07:24]

D.2. Demon`s Gate (O.A.L. Studio Demo, Dec `85) [08:05]


E.1. Demon`s Gate – V1 (Upplands Vasby rehearsal, Nov`85) [07:58]

E.2. Under The Oak – V1 (Upplands Vasby rehearsal, Nov`85) [06:24]

E.3. Under The Oak – V2 (Upplands Vasby rehearsal, Nov `85,alternate version) [06:17]

F.1. Black Stone Wielder (Upplands Vasby rehearsal, Nov`85) [02:28]

F.2. Demon`s Gate – V2 (Upplands Vasby rehearsal, Nov `85,alternate version) [07:59]

F.3. Under The Oak – V3 (Upplands Vasby rehearsal, Nov `85 alternate version 2) [06:09]

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