Bloodstock Open Air // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // Friday August 11th // Pt.3


The Portuguese Black Metal maestros are here at BOA and this is one band I have been looking forward to catching in the flesh for a while, I’ve been putting out press for these guys for years and the visual of the band has always appealed even if the genre is not quite my bag! But live, that’s another story, from the moment they take to the stage their performance is absolutely mesmerising, from the killer visuals to the performance from the guys themselves both in a physical and musical set. Musically they were just flawless, biting riffs, glorious guttural vocals, and a backline as tight as you’ll see live. A band forever on the road. From Europe to the US and playing the major festivals these guys are in demand and I can see why. Majestic.

I nip across after Gaerea’s set comes to a close to catch a bit of In Flames before returning to the Sophie Stage to capture Bossk, an unknown quantity to me as soon as they kick off, I get it, groove-laden stoner rock-desert-rock-garage rock whatever you want to call it, it’s pulling you in instantly. Gnarly guitar tones and wailing vocals from the enigmatic frontman make for a killer set from start to finish. The only thing missing is light! Where’s the light! but who needs light when you create your own through sonic explosions that tear from limb to limb, a totally bitchin set has Bossk firmly on my mind and a band I am glad I got the opportunity to capture up close and personal at BOA23.

Wrapping up proceedings is the one, the only Candlemass! Ols school Doom Metal from the depths of hell! These guys may not be spring chickens but they sure as hell can play the ass of bands decades younger, they put on a stellar show to close off the first full day at BOA23 bringing all their years of experience to the fore to create a highly engaging show that will have the dedicated Bloodstockers talking about for years to come. Dark emotive songwriting fills the tent as it gets packed from front to back as those who do not want this day to end clamber in to catch the last live show of the day, as KSE wrap up on the main stage and people start streaming towards the exit, the hardliners all head to the Sophie Lancaster Stage for one last hit, and it was well worth it.


A fantastic day’s music, from 10:30 am right through to 12 pm, you could fill your boots as you wish, four stages, bands as far as the eye can see, can it really get any better than this?

Let’s find out tomorrow when we do it all over again.


Photos @ Flashartmark