Bloodstock Open Air // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // Sunday August 13th // Pt.1

As always it’s hard to believe we are on our final day at BOA23, on the Sophie Stage we have Phoenix Lake and over on the main stage Ireland’s favourite kids Dead Label and slaying it over there.

A more melodic affair for the early morning risers at Bloodstock on the Sophie Lancaster Stage with a symphonic/power metal band that gently brushes the cobwebs off the Sunday morning revellers.  It is exactly what is needed after 2.5 days of intense metal that has laid waste to the loyal BOA fans.

The weather has been challenging all day too and the comfort of the Sophie Stage will always guarantee a crowd come hail, rain or shine but today is going to be another one that will be hard to call. So there is a healthy crowd here this morning in need of some melodic beauties and Phoenix Lake has it in abundance – glorious melodies, great guitar work and a solid backline ensure Sunday morning kicks off with some real quality.

A change of tempo, energy and direction for Overthrone who are a modern metal band with tonnes of aggression on tap. A sizeable crowd has again filled the Sophie Lancaster tent and the rain has stopped temporarily but the wall of distortion that is being tossed out from the stage is getting the early morning risers by the balls and they seem to like it! A blend of clean and guttural vocals with seriously hard-hitting riffage that beats you in the chest, massive breakdowns are exactly what’s needed to get the blood pumping and energy up to get us all through the last day. A killer set for sure and a band that should be on your radar if you are a lover of all things Djent and beyond!

Stengah continue the theme, aggressive modern metal to the core these guys know how to deliver a blistering set and make an impact. From the off they set about decimating the Sophie stage with a barrage of gnarly riffs, soaring vocals and hefty slamming tracks that batter and bruise an already fragile BOA crowd. It’s not even lunchtime and the Sophie crowd have had everything tossed at them and then some! These guys have been incredibly busy of late showcasing their musicality far and wide across Europe and supporting the mighty Deep Purple. You can see why, as a live entity they know how to deliver on the big stage and today has been no exception. A great start to the day, so much more to come!


Pics By Flash Art Mark