Bloodstock Open Air // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // Sunday August 13th // Pt.2

Continuing the chaos we have the awesome Tuskar up next, a noise-rock duo that somehow fills the Sophie Lancaster Stage rightly, it always amazes me just how big a duo can sound when done right and it is a testament to both the band and the crew here at BOA23 for bringing the noise today! Obviously, an immensely popular band the tent has a sizeable crowd for the UK duo, tossing in elements of Sludge, Doom and beyond these two create the most gargantuan sounds that make you feel like the walls could come crashing in any moment, a band to appreciate on the big stage for sure but to get the best out of them capture them at a small intimate venue to feel the full force or catch them on tour with Conjurer later this year.

Cobra The Impaler, what comes to mind when you see that name is a little different from what appeared on stage and that ain’t a bad thing, these guys slayed the Sophie Lancaster stage with a collection of big hitting tracks, and with a name like that I had braced myself for mystical attire and a flare for the dramatic, but instead, we got hard-hitting rock and metal of the finest order. No distracting pageantry, just solid, in-your-face riffs, killer vocals and a band tight as they come. All the way from Belgium and playing their very first show on UK soil they made an impression on the BOA crowd for sure, they took the opportunity and nailed it! Killer band worth checking out!

InVisions take the stage just after 3:30 pm and this day is flying! It is cool to catch these guys ahead of their UK + Irish tour dates with Polaris later this year and I have to say I am looking forward to it even more now, Invisions are savage! I totes have guitar envy as both lads are wearing Aristides Guitars . Not that I get guitar envy very often but it hurts today! These guys are absolutely slamming, a monstrous sound coming from the PA create has onlookers walking by scrambling for a place in the tent, the hefty breakdowns, the gnarly vocals, all of it works on a stage of this size, they don’t look out of place whatsoever and the crowd are gobbling it up, Invisions are taking it to another level and shooting out across the bow that the bar has been raised! Killer set, killer band.


Pics By Flash Art Mark