ARCHE // Transitions // EP Review


Finish funeral doom duo Arche is unleashing their debut full-length “Transitions” this winter.

Formed in 2014 by E. Kuismin (ex-Profetus) on Guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals & V. Raittila on Drums & backing vocals.

The band’s first release “Undercurrents” was a phenomenal EP.

Now with a streamlined line up the band is bringing us nearly forty minutes of emotional to soaked funeral doom.

Opening with “Reverential Silence” a fifteen-minute journey into the void. Right from the track’s opening we hear the sensational drum work from V. Raittila. Unlike most funeral doom that can be repetitive Raittila keeps his drumming versatile & creative. Leave moments of silence between snare & cymbal hits to help create the large expanse Arche are forming.

As the track evolves the intensity builds as Kuismin’s vocals bellow on the track. Deep, guttural & full of anguish. The perfect juxtaposition to the soaring guitars on the track.

Taking a moment to strip everything back to just an acoustic guitar gives the listener a moment to breathe before the band reintroduces the track, making it even more punishing.

Arche is great at building mood & ambience but they are also solid musicians. Creating hypnotic & thought-provoking music that leaves an impact.

“Transition” is a remarkable track. Opening with some of the most soulful classically traditional acoustic guitar playing I’ve heard for several years this track serves as a beautiful bridge between “Reverential Silence” & the next track “In A Solace Light”. Just as a stand-alone track the beauty & elegance within “Transition” skyrockets the release.

As the closing chapter “In A Solace Light” gives us our final bow.

Still a slow methodical track but with a gorgeous melody woven underneath. Thick droning guitars mixed with high soaring leads to elevate the overall tone. Aggressive but still yet magnificent.

A perfect blend of Warning & Primitive Man, all the gravity of funeral doom with the exquisite beauty of classic doom metal.

Arche is fantastic at what they do. Creating tone & mode in the most primal way. As Well as setting the landscape for the journey the listener is about to embark on.

“Transitions” is an incredible feat of passion encompassed.

Joseph Mitchell

Transitions is out via Transcending Obscurity Records on 16th  December 2022

Track Listing –

1. Reverential Silence

2. Transition

3. In A Solace Light

Line up –

E. Kuismin (ex-Profetus) – Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals

V. Raittila – Drums, backing vocals

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