Aniimala // Pressure Points // EP Review


The Alt-Rock scene has been slowly morphing into one of the most interesting genres of the Rock and Metal scene over recent years due to the incredibly drastic difference in sound between artists. That’s where Aniimala comes in with their new EP Pressure Points.

Upon starting the first track, Alien, listeners are treated to a blend of Hard-Rock instrumentals with atmospheric verses and explosive choruses filled with Pop vocal melodies and Djent riffs that create these incredibly catchy ear-worms. The Pop influence comes across in full force during Silver Linings, a track that sounds designed for massive arena crowds thanks to the pure Rock ‘N’ Roll guitar work.

False Enemy is incredibly reminiscent of the more atmospheric side of metalcore thanks to having the classic hammer-on/Pull-off starting riff that many have grown to both love and loathe. It was by this point that my only real issue with the release came through though, that being the incredible amounts of Over-Production within the choruses. D.O.A manages to bring the album back around though thanks to the simplicity of the instrumentals helping create just a groove-filled Hard Rock Banger. Closing the EP out is Haywire, once again leaning into the Hard-Rock sound thanks to the massive anthemic choruses, a safe and efficient way to memorably close the EP.

For a debut EP, Aniimala has created a strong start that will be incredibly easy to build upon with future releases. I feel like the songs are 100% crafted for the stage though and the often flat and overdone production can occasionally leave moments feeling, well, flat. Despite this personal nitpick and difference in taste, Pressure Points is a great EP for fans of Hard-Rock and I can’t wait to see how these songs sound live.

Pressure Points Is Out Now Via Marshall Records


   Alien 3:50
   Silver Linings 2:46
   False Enemy 3:35
   D.O.A. 3:19
   Haywire 3:28



Kira Beckett
Kieran Boobyer
Ben Gasan
Max Reynolds

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