AMAUNET to release new album ‘Home’ – New single and music video ”Interrupt” out now

AMAUNET to release new album ‘Home’

New single and music video ”Interrupt” out now

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The Swedish indie rock outfit Amaunet is back. Following the release of their 2020 self-titled effort and 2021’s ‘While I’m Living’, the band is now set to release their debut full-length studio album ”Home” via Lövely Records. Inspired by a wide spectrum of genres and musical eras, including alternative rock bands from the 00s like The Strokes, Kings of Leon, and 90s britpop bands such as Oasis, the band Amaunet has developed a playful, direct and melodic indie rock sound. ‘Home’ is recorded by Tommy Tift (Vånna Inget, True Moon, in The End Studios, and produced, mixed and mastered by Rasmus Ringdahl.

The first single from the upcoming album is called ”Interrupt” and is released on all streaming platforms together with a music video on October 6. The band comments: “Interrupt”, with its positive and playful sound, is actually about the troubles with adhd, aging and escape through addiction.



The band Amaunet was first formed in Lund, Sweden, back in 2017.

Swedish rock quintet Amaunet effortlessly blends melodies and hooks inspired by the ´60s hits with the Britpop swagger & guitar roar of the ´90s and mix it up with the sound of the alternative rock scene of the ́00s. Iranian-born singer Nari’s vocals are equal parts rough, sweet and soaring. Amaunet’s sound is recognized by classic rock vocals mixed with direct, tight drums, melodic riffs and driving bass. Amaunet released their self-titled debut album 2020-11-20. Singles from their debut album have been played on Australian & American radio as well as Swedish student radio and P3 Sveriges radio. The second single ’Supernovas’ made it to International radio as well.

During the release of their debut album Amaunet was ready to hit the stage. Amaunet shared the stage with Florence Valentin, Westkust, Vånna Inget and other indie acts at classic venues in Sweden such as Mejeriet, Pustervik, Babel and Kulturbolaget (KB). Their second album ’While I’m Living’ was released October 22th 2021. The album was recorded live in the studio and the sound differs from their debut album. The sound of the second album is raw, intense, nostalgic, direct & playful. It’s written as a diary almost and expresses feelings most people can recognize and battle with but with a clear positive & hopeful aura. The sound is inspired by alternative rock bands from the ’00s like The Strokes & Kings of Leon and ’90s britpop bands Oasis & The Stone Roses.

Amaunet will release their first full length studio album in late 2023. The sound of the album is raw, effortless and explores the playfulness of being in a studio, recording all instruments at once, just like in the good old days.