AGLO – Australian Sludgy Death Metal Project Reveal New Track “Collector”

AGLO – Australian Sludgy Death Metal Project Reveal New Track “Collector” 

The Melbourne-based sludgy death-metal project AGLO created by Aaron Osborne have recently shared another track off the new EP “Into The Maze”, which is scheduled for release on February 16th via Gutter Prince Cabal.

The new song titled “Collector” is playing at No Clean Singing, who had this to say about the track “In the case of “Collector“, the music does indeed lumber like a massive beast, the riffs buzzing with radiation and tuned to the key of fear. A massive bass undulates along while eerie high-tone leads flicker and swirl and the drums crack like gunshots. The effect is massive and murky, primitive and punishing, but also frighteningly freakish. Speaking of which, the reverberations of the guttural vocals are monstrous and macabre.”

Listen to “Collector” here.

With “Into the Maze”, Aglo unleash 6 filthy and crushing tracks that take the swagger and groove of Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues” and infuse it with the tar-thick pull of doom. Lumbering like some slow-crawling and atrocious beast through the murk of a polluted swamp, AGLO seem to take pride in all that is rusty and ugly, delivering exceptionally murky and nasty riffs, slow and powerful drumbeats and tormented growls.

If you missed it, check out the title track at this location.