Heave Blood & Die – Norwegian Post-Punk Collective Reveal New Track “Mjelle”

Heave Blood & Die – Norwegian Post-Punk Collective Reveal New Track “Mjelle”
Photo by Brage Pedersen

Norwegian post-punk collective Heave Blood & Die are gearing up to drop their fourth album “Burnout Codes” on January 26th via Fysisk Format.

Dedicated to bassist Eivind Imingen, who decided to end his life just following the recordings of the album, “Burnout Codes” is shrouded in sadness and tragedy, and shows the Norwegian collective offering their most textured and innovative album to date.

Just recently, Heave Blood & Die revealed a new track titled “Mjelle”, which is the second single taken from the new album following leading single “Things that Burn”. Listen to both tracks at this location: https://heavebloodanddie.bandcamp.com/album/burnout-codes

The band had this to say about the new track:
“This is the soundtrack to the industrial mourning march to goth town, screaming Power Corruption and Lies! Mjelle  is about getting up and trying to achieve, falling short and burning  out, it’s a never ending loop of finding false and temporary refuge in  avoidance. This one is for our dear friend Eivind and a nod to one of Northern Norway’s undying classics by Terje Nilsen about the windswept and red beaches of  Mjelle just outside of Bodø.”

Recorded and produced by Karl Løftingsmo Pedersen and Ariel Joshua Sivertsen (Ondt Blod, Die a Legend),  mixed by Magnus Lindberg and featuring the artwork and design by Annika Linn Verdal Homme of Daufødt“Burnout Codes” will be released on vinyl and digital on Fysisk Format.

Pre-orders are now available here: https://shop.fysiskformat.no/releases/959706-burnout-codes

Heave Blood & Die on this recording was:
Karl Løftingsmo Pedersen – vocals, drum machines, guitars
Marie Sofie Mikkelsen – synth, vocals
Jonas Helgesen Kuivalainen – guitars
Kenneth Mortensen – drums
Eivind André Imingen – bassLuna Storeide joined the band recently to play bass.

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