The County Affair tackle the darker side of alcohol with new single Bourbon Breakfast

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“Fate intervened to reunite them…” – Americana UK

“Things are just getting started for The County Affair” – Maverick

Childhood best friends Kevin and Tony grew up entrenched in the sounds of Irish country music and exploring the new sounds of ‘country rock’ and ‘outlaw country’ that were emerging from US artists in the 70s. Playing every show they could during their teenage years, they joined Irish country band The Moonshiners, led by Kevin’s father, and it wasn’t long before they had formed their own band, The Rambling Boys.

After 30 years of separation the Nottingham duo have regrouped as The County Affair. Having parted ways for university, they ended up on the other side of the Atlantic at the same time by chance and zig-zagged across the USA playing shows in Texas, San Francisco and everywhere in between. They turned down a management deal to pursue successful careers outside of the music industry for the past 3 decades but the longing to be on stage never quite left them and now it’s time to pick up where they left off. The County Affair’s story is that of music, friendship, and adventure and they are raring to go with their new music.

Crafted on a wealth of country, Americana and blues, their music draws influence from the likes of Dave Alvin, Steve Earle and Joe Ely while remaining grounded in the Irish country that has inspired them since their youth. 40 years of friendship founded on a shared love of music has paved the way for The County Affair’s distinctive sound with a strong Americana band feel and powerful storytelling as they navigate life and the experiences of those around them.

Observing the struggles and hurdles that life can throw, new single Bourbon Breakfast comes ahead of The County Affair’s forthcoming album and hot on the heels of singles Every Ghost and Playing Poker, released to critical acclaim in early 2021. Bourbon Breakfast grapples with a very real and lonely side to alcohol, one that can see a life fall apart and the loss of who you once were. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, a slower and moody groove accompanies heavy piano and tremolo guitar to support the pathos of lines like “Sat in Joe’s, drinking out the day”.

“BB was inspired by the two sides of the coin that is alcohol. I’ve written songs about the joys of a night in the pub, but this time I wanted to capture the other side of that, the darker side. Having seen many people struggle with alcohol, I wanted to paint the picture from their perspective, the overwhelming grip it can have and how suddenly life can start passing them by.”