Leah Marie Mason Debuts “Far Boy” Duet Featuring Austin Burke

TikTok Star Leah Marie Mason Debuts “Far Boy” Duet Featuring Austin Burke
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June 29, 2021 (Nashville, TN)- Leah Marie Mason stole hearts- over 13 million, to be exact- with her heart wrenching breakup ballad “Far Boy” in January with her viral TikTok. The simplest of concepts created something powerful. Titled “I called my ex to hang out so he could listen to this song I wrote about him,” the video gained massive traction.

After signing a record deal with The 13th soon after, “Far Boy” became a streaming hit and beloved fan favorite. Leah caught the eye of country crooner Austin Burke, and the pair crafted a new version of the song, which made its official debut today and premiered on Cowgirl Magazine.

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Leah Marie Mason is a blossoming cross-country artist who, like other women in country, find themselves weaving together modern pop and classic country music. She is not afraid of blurring the lines between genres and weaving relatable, thought-provoking narratives. The re-release of the original heartfelt single “Far Boy” gives a new perspective and twist to the song.

While Mason’s original version told her side of the story, she saw it fit to add the male perspective due to the incredible feedback she received on social media. Austin Burke’s complementary lyricism stems directly from conversations Burke had with Leah and her boyfriend, the subject of the song. Throughout an emotional writing session, the pair created a revamped version of the ballad that shows both sides of the story are not far from the truth. When one person walks away, how far are they really going to run? 

“Far Boy” may have been an instant success thanks to millions of fans, but Austin Burke’s addition to the track is sure to blow audiences away. From the duo’s stunning chemistry to emotional lyrics, Leah Marie Mason has a hit on her hands. 

“Far Boy (with Austin Burke)”
Written By: Leah Marie Mason, Kaylin Marie Roberson, Kelsey Lamb, Royale Lynn Haldenby, Austin Burke
Produced by: Zachary Manno

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Leah Marie Mason never tries to be perfect. Instead, the North Carolina-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and artist allows her edges to frame an intimate and infectious brand of country that could resonate from a small town to the top of a big city. By doing so, she energizes the genre with universal pop appeal. By the age of eleven, Leah started performing in a classic rock band with her older brother, belting out Heart and Pat Benatar covers. After a year at Berklee College of Music, she transferred to Belmont University in Nashville. Inspired by everything from the classic songwriting of George Strait, bluegrass of The Steeldrivers, and 21st century vibes of Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa, she spent countless hours writing and honed a sharp signature style, resulting in her debut single “Far Boy.” Taking the reins of her career, Leah watched YouTube tutorials about uploading media to Spotify, outsourced cover art, and finally decided to launch a TikTok page to promote “Far Boy.” The song played over a video captioned, “I called my ex to hang out so he could listen to this song I wrote about him,” and it organically exploded with 13 million views. Amassing tens of millions of views on TikTok and cracking 1 million streams across DSPs independently, she continues to connect on a series of 2021 singles.