Jake Wallace // Lustre of the Dark // Album Review


Elder Druid guitarist Jake Wallace has taken the huge step to put himself out there again and release solo music, but don’t worry Wallace is still an integral part of the Doom merchants.

 Having released the EP Lacuna in 2021 this album contains remastered versions of those 5 tracks alongside 7 brand new tracks and Wallace takes the responsibility for the acoustic guitar, piano, synth and bass throughout this album. Wallace does have a couple of guest vocalists with Aqua Tofana on ‘Mourning Veil’ and Clare Kearney on ‘Sanguine’. The is also a guest flautist, No Naime on the remastered ‘Elysian’.

Continuing to explore self-discovery isolation and the relationship between dark and light, you are immediately drawn into a hypnotic trance when you press play as you experience a prominent piano over soft acoustic guitars and a subtle yet beautiful synth.

This sound becomes a familiar one as it progresses, however as Aqua Tofana adds her stunning vocals to the mix it really adds an extra dimension and creates such a haunting yet stunning track that you can’t help but stop doing whatever you were doing and focus fully on what is controlling your mind.

  The added flute in ‘Elysian’ adds to the ambience and catches your thoughts and takes them away with it whilst the vocal from Clare Kearney is soft and gentle caressing you as you allow yourself to become vulnerable and the piano again takes the front of the musical offering.

After the fourth track, all guests have showcased their additions and now it is down to musical talents of Wallace to fully take over.

The musical flows and soothes with its cathartic ambience whilst also testing your comfort levels of being isolated. The musical arrangements are beautiful yet thought-provoking. Whilst your brain may venture to some of the darker areas of your thoughts, you will feel comfortable and reassured doing so.

Wallace has created something that is far removed from Elder Druid however, will appeal to many of the fans whilst also fans of other music as it engages you from start to finish and you find yourself realising that the 28-minute album has started again and wondered where that time has gone to.

Lustre of the Dark is stunning and thought-provoking. To truly understand just how music can capture your mind, please give this a listen.

Ed Ford


Lustre of the Dark will be released Friday, April 1st 2022 via Black Tragick Records.


Have a sneak preview via bio link of @elderdruidjake’s new LP “ Lustre of the Dark” and fill thy boots!


  1. Requiem
  2. Mourning Veil feat. Aqua Tofana
  3. Elysian feat. No Naime
  4. Sanguine feat. Clare Kearney
  5. Empyrean
  6. Berceuse
  7. Diaphonous
  8. Yatra
  9. The Peregrine
  10. Lacuna
  11. Reprieve
  12. Cascade (Bonus Track)