Chase Rice // ‘The Album’ // Album Review

Rice first surprised fans with ‘The Album’ Part I in January 2020 while touring the UK/Europe, releasing seven songs (including Top 10 hit ‘Lonely If You Are’) with the promise of more to follow shortly thereafter.
‘The Album’ Part II brought four additional songs, part of Rice’s desire to give fans new music more frequently than traditional album cycles allow.
Available on all digital and streaming platforms on May 28th, the full project will include all 11 previously released songs in addition to ‘Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen’ (featuring Florida Georgia Line) and three brand new songs.
“It’s crazy to look back now and see the journey this album has taken us on throughout writing and recording it,” notes Rice. “We shared so many of these songs with the fans as they were being written and got their input along the way, so it’s their journey that lives in these, too. I think this new music will always mean a bit more to me since it has carried us all through some strange and uncertain times.”
We start ‘The Album’ with a track called ‘American Nights’, which has an upbeat and natural flow giving a nice introduction to this latest release. Next up we slow the pace a little for ‘Lonely If You Are’, which is a love song that floats along nicely.
‘Everywhere’ just has a nice sound both musically and vocally with a big chorus. This is followed by ‘Best Night Ever’ which has a very radio-friendly vibe that will appeal to many. ‘Messy’ is another track that is just a beautiful tune with some great harmonies.
‘In The Car’ is a relaxed and chilled-out number with an upbeat and uplifting chorus. ‘Forever To Go’ flows nicely throughout before ‘You’, brings us a beautiful piano start before the vocals come in and we are taken along at a pleasant pace.
‘Break Up Drunk’ is upbeat and lively but maintaining a real heartfelt vibe. ‘Down Home Runs Deep’ slows the pace again for another ballad filled with plenty of reminiscing in the lyrics. Next, we have ‘Belong’ which is another modern country love song. Excellent lyrically, but generic with the vibe and beat of the track.
‘The Nights’ is a mellow country ballad followed by ‘Bedroom’ which lifts the beat only slightly to a more mid-tempo tune. ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ is the penultimate track and gives us a livelier opening to at least bring us a different tempo with a much more upbeat feel. Last but not least is the huge track with Florida Georgia Line called ‘Drinkin’ Beer, Talkin’ God, Amen’. This is a nice collaboration and ends this latest release on a more upbeat nature.
Chase Rice is a huge name on the modern country scene, but If I am being totally honest there is a lot of generic modern country-pop around these days. I totally understand that this style is a huge seller for the artists and Chase is right up there when it comes to sales, so he must be doing something right. For me personally, it is a bit too mellow but in its field is no doubt an excellent release and will surely please Chase’s legions of fans and certainly win him more.
The Album is released Friday, May 28th via BMG/BBR Music Group
Review: Will Carter

Track List:

1.   American Nights (Kevin Griffin, Martin Johnson, Francois Tetaz; produced by Martin Johnson)
2.   Lonely If You Are (Chase Rice, Lindsay Rimes, Hunter Phelps)
3.   Everywhere (Chase Rice, Zachary Kale, James McNair; produced by Zachary Kale)
4.   Best Night Ever (Chase Rice, Chris DeStefano, Matt Jenkins)
5.   Messy (Seth Ennis, Kylie Sackley)
6.   In The Car (Chase Rice, Jesse Rice, Hunter Phelps, Mark Holman)
7.   Forever To Go (Jordan Minton, Casey Brown, Geoffrey Warburton; produced by Casey Brown)
8.   You (Chase Rice, Jon Nite, Zach Kale)
9.   Break. Up. Drunk. (Chase Rice, Hunter Phelps, Jordan Schmidt)
10. Down Home Runs Deep (Daniel Ross, Michael Hardy, Mike Walker, James McNair)
11. Belong (Chase Rice, Chris DeStefano, Jon Nite)
12. The Nights (Chase Rice, Zach Kale, James McNair; produced by Zach Kale)
13. Bedroom (Chase Rice, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins; produced by Corey Crowder)
14. If I Didn’t Have You (Chase Rice, Channing Wilson, Jonathan Singleton; produced by Jimmy Robbins & Jonathan Singleton)
15. Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen. featuring Florida Georgia Line (Chase Rice, Hunter Phelps, Cale Dodds, Corey Crowder; produced by Chase Rice, Florida Georgia Line & Corey Crowder)

Produced by Chris DeStefano & Chase Rice unless otherwise noted

Fans will have the chance to hear the new music live as Rice joins Kane Brown on the NBA arena Blessed & Free Tour at the top of 2022. For a full list of dates and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

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With more than 2 million albums sold and over 1.7 billion total streams, plus a legion of passionate fans at his high-energy concerts across the globe, Chase Rice has established himself as a powerful force in Nashville and beyond – yet he genuinely sees The Album as the launching pad for music that says what he wants to say, how he wants to say it.

With songs such as his Platinum-certified Top 10 hit “Lonely If You Are” and the new single “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.,” this is the same gravelly-voiced Chase Rice fans first fell in love with years ago – but better. Freer. Unbeholden and uninhibited, somehow capable of evoking Chris LeDoux and The Chronic, campfire singalongs and stadium anthems, all at once. The project builds upon the success of his sophomore album, Lambs & Lions, which featured the Double-Platinum, two-week chart-topper “Eyes On You” – Rice’s first No. 1 as an artist and the most-streamed song of his career.

Lambs & Lions followed Ignite the Night, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums and No. 3 on the all-genre chart, producing a pair of Top 5 hits; “Ready Set Roll” and “Gonna Wanna Tonight.” In addition to supporting Kenny Chesney’s The Big Revival stadium tour, Rice has consistently sold out 2,500-3,000 seat venues on his own headlining tours and is set to join Kane Brown’s Blessed & Free Tour in early 2022.

Chase Rice // ‘The Album’ // Album Review