West Coast Wolves release the video for ‘Reincarnation’

West Coast Wolves release the video for ‘Reincarnation’
Energetic and eclectic, West Coast Wolves, the pioneering musical sensation hailing from Cape Town is thrilled to announce the launch of their highly anticipated music video for their recent single Reincarnation, taken from upcoming album Don’t Forget To Howl releasing on Mongrel Records. Seamlessly blending an infectious bluegrass rhythm, the raw power of punk and the electrifying energy of rock, the Wolves are pushing the boundaries of these genres to create a truly unique sonic experience.

The track is a testament to their commitment to innovation and artistic exploration. The band’s fearless approach to combining disparate musical elements showcases their remarkable ability to connect with audiences on a global scale while staying true to their South African roots.

The video was filmed on a recent tour to Namibia by the bands bassist Miggs and features some of the colourful characters the guys met on the road. It has nothing to do with the lyrics which could be interpreted as pretty dark but shouldn’t be seen as such.

“Reincarnation was inspired by the documentary “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez”. If you don’t know the story, it’s about a little boy who was abused to death by his mother and her boyfriend. They were both convicted of first-degree murder with special circumstances of torture, with the boyfriend being sentenced to death. The sad thing is that the abuse was no secret. Gabriel often showed up at school with bruises and visible injuries. But while his teacher reported signs of abuse the authorities did very little to help him. And tragically, no one came to his rescue before he was killed.

The first verse references scenes from the documentary where the boy was locked bound and gagged in a small cupboard, but as you move through the song it twists and takes on a different tone. Instead, Gabriel escapes, and goes on to live an incredible life. All the while the parents worry for the rest of their lives whether he’s going to come back and seek revenge. In the end he’d lived too great a life and couldn’t care less, while his parents continued to live in fear. We felt it important to depart from the horrific and brutal reality in the 2nd verse with Gabriel escaping and moving on to live a good life.” Comments the band on the inspiration behind the lyrics for the track.

CREDITS: Starring The Wolves and some of Namibia’s raddest people Filmed by Miguel Fontana Editor (offline/online): Denton Carstens VFX: Denton Carstens www.dentoncarstens.com
Special thank you to all the good people from Namibia!
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The West Coast Wolves are a 5-piece ensemble boasting a heady compound of rock and roll, alt-folk, dark country, and surf rock with roots in Cape Town. Raised on a staple diet of fireside acoustic jam sessions on the West Coast, blazin’ banjos, frosted quarts of beer & the icy Atlantic ocean, the Wolves are exploring different genres with their punk-rock-reggae roots. Throw in some left field percussion, then you start to get an idea!
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