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So summer has officially arrived here in Belfast and after a day @Belsonic 2023 at the official press day, it was time to get back to more familiar surroundings. The Limelight Belfast, for a sublime lineup of We Came As Romans, Caskets and SeeYouSpaceCowboy. It’s bitchin’ hot and the LL2 will be an absolute sweatbox. I sit outside waiting for the doors to open and around 6:40 people start streaming into the venue, I get my shizzle together and make my way in, collect my photo pass and survey the crowd who have gathered for a hefty night’s music.

Up first from San Diego’( The Whales Vagina) SeeYouSpaceCowboy a five-piece with the most brutal sound I’ve ever witnessed of an opening band, generally the gig builds to a crescendo with the headlining act, no tonight, SYSC went for the jugular and ripped that motherfucker out. A performance of epic proportions drove home why these guys carry such a hefty reputation and so are so highly regarded far and wide. Each and every song was more savage than the last, three of the five members sharing vocal duties across a blistering set that was breathtaking to witness. The pent-up energy in the band was visible for all to see and tonight’s stage was way too small to contain their animalistic nature, but when there’s nowhere to go, there’s nowhere to go, but to take it out on those poor suckers down below and SYSC delivered a pummelling set that will remain in the memory of everyone present tonight.



Up next, Caskets, all the way from Leeds, (En-Ger-Land) Caskets are a more melodic, easy-on-the-ear band yet with serious heft behind them. Vocalist Matt Flood delivers sublime cleans as well as a guttural which is a rare thing, generally, you see more than one vocalist sharing these duties but Matt takes it all in his stride. The band are solid banging out big hitters one after another with the band’s debut album ‘Lost Souls’ garnering rave reviews, these guys have just gone on from strength to strength. Belfast clearly approves this message. Caskets deliver a quality set from start to finish with a breath of fresh air against the savage backdrop of SYSC, and it allows the opportunity for a slight reset before tonights headliners hit the stage and delivers their own brand of chaos.



As 8:30 comes around, yes it’s an early one as the Limelight turns into a raging student venue come 10 pm and like a scene from I Zombie the hoardes descend down and party! But for now, we have our own party going on that would scare the be-jesus out of the pre-pubescent teens to death. We Came As Romans are here and about to take the stage, the Limelight is a nice, compact venue, that holds around 400 or so and the guys are actually standing outside in the sunshine as their intro music is playing, Bon Jovi’s ‘Living’ On A Prayer’ from memory, and I can see their wide beaming smiles as they joke and laugh together before hitting the stage, and it strikes me, what a fucking life, what a pleasure it must be for these band of brothers all the way from Troy, Michigan, standing here in Belfast, Northern Ireland a few thousand miles away from home doing what they absolutely love doing. What a life.

Now we all know it’s not all rainbows and unicorns as a band in 2023, but it sure beats working minimum wage and McD’s!

We Came As Romans has carved a unique niche for themselves in the modern rock and metal scene. While their studio recordings have garnered widespread acclaim, it is their live performances that truly captivate audiences and solidify their reputation as an unstoppable force. With an infectious blend of energy, passion, and raw talent, We Came As Romans takes their fans on an unforgettable sonic journey that leaves them craving for more.

When We Came As Romans takes the stage, an electric current surge through the air, charging the atmosphere with anticipation. The band members—Dave Stephens (vocals),, Joshua Moore (lead guitar), Lou Cotton (rhythm guitar), Andy Glass (bass), and David Puckett (drums)—embody an unrivaled synergy that elevates their performance to extraordinary heights.

Their dynamic stage presence is nothing short of enthralling. From the moment the first note resonates through the venue, the band members become conduits for an intense and cathartic live experience. They exude an infectious energy that spreads like wildfire, engulfing the audience in a maelstrom of headbanging, mosh pits, and pure unadulterated enthusiasm.

We Came As Romans understands the importance of establishing a deep connection with their fans. Their live shows are not just about performing music; they create an immersive environment where fans become an integral part of the experience. From the first row to the back of the venue, every person in attendance feels like an essential component of the show.

This connection is facilitated by the band’s genuine interactions and heartfelt messages between songs. We Came As Romans members have an uncanny ability to make each person in the audience feel seen and heard. They embrace vulnerability and share personal stories, creating a safe space for fans to express their own emotions. This authenticity solidifies the bond between the band and their fans, resulting in an atmosphere of unity and shared experience.

The energy that We Came As Romans generates on stage is nothing short of explosive. Each member’s commitment to their craft is evident as they unleash a barrage of blistering riffs, thunderous drums, and powerful vocals. The band’s synergy is palpable, with their synchronized movements and seamless transitions amplifying the impact of their music.

The setlist is carefully crafted to maintain a perfect balance of their signature anthems and newer material, ensuring that fans are taken on a journey through the band’s evolution. From heart-wrenching ballads to relentless anthems, We Came As Romans masterfully navigates through their discography, leaving no stone unturned.

We Came As Romans are a force to be reckoned with on the live stage. Their concerts are a testament to the transformative power of music, as they create an electrifying atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of a typical rock show. With their dynamic stage presence, genuine connection with fans, and high-octane performances, We Came As Romans continues to solidify their status as one of the most captivating live bands in the scene. Attending a We Came As Romans concert is not just a concert—it’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you exhilarated and craving more.

Me personally, I am away to go lie down in a dark room in the fetus position to recover, thank you ladies, its been a pleasure.


Photography: Mark McGrogan

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Connie Sgarbossa (vocals), Ethan Sgarbossa (guitar), Taylor Allen (bass),
and AJ Tartol (drums), Timmy Moreno (guitar)

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