Watch BLACK NAZARETH’s Lyric Video For “Cold as Stone”






Cold as Stone [Lyric Video]



Dutch rockers BLACK NAZARETH give us another taste of their self-titled album, Black Nazareth, with their third video, ‘Cold as Stone.’
The full-length album will be released on July 8th, 2022 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

The band speaking about the song, said: “The song is about a dark side of life. We feel cornered and don’t see the light. Struggling day by day with who you are. Depression.

It depicts the burden of what depression brings along. I wrote these lyrics because one of my closest friends is struggling with depression for over 9 years now (and maybe even much longer). In these years he has been from days where he would stay in bed all day to days where he would attempt suicide, using drugs, and drown himself in booze. He wanted to see the good things in life and make the best of it, but every time when he tried to turn the page in his life something happened that threw him right back into the darkness.

It is written from a first-person perspective and I used terms like how the body is deteriorating as a figure of speech to show how heavy it is to cope with depression. In the second verse, I’m depiction a scene where I’m lost and I just can’t find the way out of all this mess. And in the choruses, I’m asking the mother to help, as your mother is the person who made you and put you in this world 

After releasing all of the songs as singles, the band felt it was time to gather all of the singles into a mini album, along with a previously unreleased song.
Black Nazareth’s self-titled “Black Nazareth” is a pure and adrenaline-pumping rock masterpiece!



Black Nazareth are:
Daniël de Jongh – Vocals
Martijn Spierenburg – Keys and programming
Menno Gootjes – Guitar
Henry McIlveen – Bass