Downfall share vengeful new single “Scorn” ft. David Blom of Sanction

Downfall share vengeful new single “Scorn” 
ft. David Blom of Sanction

Behind The Curtain LP out July 1st 
on DAZE / Triple B Records

Photo Credit: Charlotte Mooney

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Emerging out of the hardcore-heavy Richmond, VA music scene, Downfall are bringing a new rage on their upcoming album, Behind The Curtain, out July 1st on DAZE and Triple B Records. Today, the band share second single “Scorn” which features guest vocals from Sanction’s David Blom. The track plays out as a revenge fantasy, following your worst enemy to hell to torture them. Laced with snarling vocals, old-school drums, and a meaty breakdown, Downfall are demonstrating what they do best.

Across the ten tracks on Behind The Curtain, the band gets heavy and personal as they push their creative boundaries into an almost unhinged territory. The album was recorded in 2021 with Bob Quirk (Enforced) at Studio F12 and The Ward, mixed by Will Hirst (Gate 4 Studios) and mastered by Bill Henderson (Azimuth Studios). The album is now available for pre-order through DAZE and Triple B Records.

Formed in 2017, Downfall has released two EPs, their 2017 Demo, and 2019’s Dead To Me. Sharing members with Combust, Mutually Assured Destruction, and Killing Pace, the band are growing to be staples in the East Coast hardcore scene and beyond.

Behind The Curtain Tracklist:
1. Descent
2. Broken Mind
3. Hateflow
4. Scorn
5. Primitive Reality
6. Bloodline
7. Let Me Die
8. Confession
9. Richmond
10. Behind The Curtain

Upcoming Shows:
6/17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds w/ Raw Brigade, Ekulu, Combust

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