VAUGHANSTROSITY / Excusive Track By Track Feature

Rousing newcomer, VAUGHANSTROSITY, continues his ascent with the release of his debut EP, Memes And Dreams, which is out on Friday. VAUGHANSTROSITY is the solo project of Ruaidhri Houston, and with that in mind we asked Ruaidhri to exclusively walk us through the tracks on the EP:

“Friday Night 

Have you ever been in a slightly long-distance relationship? This is it, and the constant driving but you know you wanna keep doing it regardless of the distance and pain.

It was written with a synth in mind and at forefront, the autotune sections were great to record. The death metal drop needed to go in somewhere and the juxtaposition here lends well to it.


It’s dedicated to all the fake people who constantly change their personalities and cause misery through the many different “lives” that they live. Regardless of the chances given they can never change.

The most fun to record, when I initially wrote at home spent ages scoring the orchestral outro as I felt the main riff really lent itself to it.

When The Party Ends

My own weird way of dealing with death. I wanted to frame it in my own manner but considering death as an afterparty and the sun coming up signalling time to go. I gave Ethan Beattie the choice of songs on the EP to feature and this was the one that clicked with him.

Broken Hearts And Empty Bottles

This one is all about just wanting to get drunk with your mates to cope with a weekend feeling. The loss, the regret, and the all-around shame from being a twat when we’ve all had a bit too much. It was written very unsober in a mate’s kitchen at a time when we should all be working.”

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