Uzumaki release debut EP ‘Square One’ via Everything Sucks Music

Uzumaki release debut EP ‘Square One’

via Everything Sucks Music

Live dates plotted

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London-based alt-grunge band Uzumaki have today released their debut EP ‘Square One’ via London-based indie Everything Sucks Music. A veritable ode to the 90s, the collection of tracks will appeal to those who are into the likes of Teenage Fanclub and old school Weezer, yet the band give things their very own twist of rip-roaring escapist fun.

‘Square One’ includes lead single ‘Ugly Hunger’ which perfectly conveys the throwback influences the band proudly wear on their collective long-sleeve. Also on there is ‘On and On’, previously released exclusively via Bandcamp. The ultimate roadtrip anthem, ‘On and On’ features a supreme melodic backbone, huge drums and a relentless, driving, bass line.

The collection is squared away with brand new tracks ‘Hey There’, which is a direct representation of the backwards and forwards between escapism and realism and punk rock track ‘Flip Side’ which ends with a band jam to fade out the EP.

Uzumaki’s Brit pop, Seattle grunge, punk and alternative influences collide through the lens of 90’s wraparound sunglasses, yet the band are intent on refracting the past to create something new. These EP recordings were the first time the band entered a studio proper with all prior singles (most recently ‘Laughed’/’Loserella’) being self-recorded. The EP was, however, recorded live and away from microscopes. It’s a raw and honest representation of Uzumaki’s darker side and much of this is due to the nature and environment of the session.  The studio they decamped to – Sick Room Studios – is remotely positioned in Norfolk where all of Uzumaki grew up and met for the first time. Producer Owen Turner shared influences with Uzumaki from Brit Pop bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Pulp and Blur, through to the analogue pioneers of Sonic Youth and Sebadoh.

Uzumaki have most recently been seen ripping gigs across the UK with Decent Criminal and Shit Present and they’ve got several more live dates plotted for the rest of the year with more sure to be added.


26/08 – Bristol – Exchange (Gruesifest)

14/09 – London – Blondies (w/ Muttering)

16/09 – Brighton – bees mouth (w/ Muttering)

02/10 – London – News Cross Inn (w/ Superbloom)

06/10 – London – Till The Fest

29/11 – Norwich – Voodoos (w/ snake eyes)

14/12 – London – Signature Brew (w/ Out of Love)


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Alex Cheung (guitar, lead vocals)

Nick Allen (guitar, vocals)

Alex Fletcher (drums, vocals)

Conor Thompson (bass)