Uncomfortable Knowledge Premiere/Album Announcement

Uncomfortable Knowledge unveil official video for “149.6”; Album out 02 February 2024 via Punch

Hypnotic French Post-Metal quintet Uncomfortable Knowledge have a video out for “149.6”; the first single to be released from the upcoming sophomore album Lifeline. A video premiere can be found both at The Moshville Times as well as Loud TV. The track’s title refers to the distance of the earth from the sun (a mere 149.6 million miles away), with the band expanding further…

“Always looking for the burning of his gaze, we go astray to reach him, please him and obtain his approval. The sun, the father as without him there is no life. As warm and comforting as he is biting and cruel. This powerful and groovy piece is crossed by the explosions and aggressiveness of this star. We sought the strength and aplomb of the sun: it’s beauty and light, power and heat and that’s what we wanted to infuse into the title”.

With Lifeline the band’s sophomore album, we are invited to think about our position in the world, about the meaning of our life, as well as the many sided interplays we may share with our fellow men, while remembering every instant counts. The album will also reveal baroque stringed settings and dark film atmospheres that will add a unique dimension to their sound and is an invitation to both perseverance and resilience. Lifeline follows 2021’s acclaimed debut Black Queen which was described by Nouvellevague.com as a “Successful attempt for this first album..to discover urgently!” and by W-FENEC Magazine as “32 minutes of strong sensations, 32 minutes of gentle madness, 32 minutes of exacerbated sound power.”

The band have a series of gigs announced with more planned to take place in 2024…

21/10/23 – Just’N Fest – St Just – France
31/10/23 – Vacarme Exquis – Bourg-lès-Valence – France
16/12/23 – Private Show – La Calmette – France
03/02/24 – Paloma – Nîmes – France
10/02/24 – Black Lab – Wasquehal – France
11/02/24 – MCP Apache – Fontaine L’Evêque – Belgium
16/02/24 – Dropkick – Orleans – France
09/03/24 – Ciné Concert – Ales – France
19/05/24 – AK Shelter – Nantes – France

Uncomfortable Knowledge are:
Guillaume Sabatier – Vocals
Adrien Tirel – Guitar
Sebastien Henderschiett – Lead Guitar
Guillaume Tirel – Bass
Robin Olivier – Drums