TRIBULATION release new single and video for ‘Vengeance (The Pact)’ Blue Öyster Cult Cover



Photo Credit: Dirk Behlau
On April 7th, Tribulation will release their upcoming EP, Hamartia, via Century Media Records. For a preview of Hamartia, the new single – a cover version of Blue Öyster Cult‘s “Vengeance (The Pact)” – can be heard now at:

Adam Zaars (guitars) comments:
“We’ve been meaning to do a BÖC cover for over a decade now, and finally got around to doing it. They’ve been a constant source of inspiration throughout the years as they always seemed to find new creative ways of doing their thing, which is what we’re always striving for. It will stand out a bit from what we usually do as anyone listening will find out soon enough!”

Pre-order Hamartia now here: – where the EP is available in the following versions:
–Ltd. CD Digipak
–180g black vinyl
–Lilac vinyl available from CM Distro Wholesale EU and (limited to 500 copies)
–Transparent blue vinyl available from Tribulation (limited to 300 copies)
–Digital EP

Watch the previously released videos for the Hamartia EP below:
–“Axis Mundi”:

Forged amid the grubby depths of the Swedish death metal scene, TRIBULATION have always been the shadowy outlaws of the underground – and with Hamartia, they’re poised to begin a new chapter in their sinister story.

The group’s songwriting powers have undergone a vigorous rejuvenation; new guitarist Joseph Tholl replaced the departing Jonathan Hultén, which in turn led to the creation of an EP’s worth of material. Recorded in Stockholm with Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker as well as Linus Björklund at Studio Ryssviken, before being crafted in mix by Tom Dalgety in the UK and then returning to Stockholm for mastering by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Hamartia is a riotous encapsulation of everything that diehard fans demand from the Swedish crew – but, sharper, darker and laced with venom. These four new songs showcase a band in a robust state of health.

“The plan going forward is that Joseph and I will split the writing duties, just as me and Jonathan did before,” says guitarist Adam Zaars. “The other difference this time is that we did work a bit closer with each other on these songs. On the last couple of albums, we’ve basically written our material separately. This time, even though Joseph wrote ‘Axis Mundi’ and I wrote the other two songs, I still went to Stockholm every other weekend for the entire Spring leading up to the recording, and we sat together and tried different things out. We’ve worked closer this time than we’ve done at least since The Children of The Night. Comparing it to the last album, I’d say the new songs are a bit more cynical, harsher in a way.”

Additionally, Zaars is already considering TRIBULATION‘s next move. “Fairly soon, I hope we can record something – an album before anything else,” he concludes. “In some ways, I’ve already started writing, but I don’t have a complete song to show anyone yet. I’ve got a lot of material, so we just need time to piece it all together… We did a tour with WatainAbbath and Bölzer last year and that was great, and this year we’re going to focus on festivals…and writing new material!”

EP Artwork – Adam Zaars

Track Listing:
1. Hamartia
2. Axis Mundi
3. Hemoclysm
4. Vengeance (The Path) [Blue Öyster Cult cover]

Band Members:
Johannes Andersson – vocals, bass
Adam Zaars – guitars
Joseph Tholl – guitars
Oscar Leander – drums

Social Media Links:
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