The Intersphere release new album ‘Wanderer’



What is the best thing you can take away from crises? New insights, courage to be more creative, breakthroughs that seemed impossible before? THE INTERSPHERE have experienced all this in the last three years and survived. The sixth studio album Wanderer proves that – and THE INTERSPHERE don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Except maybe to themselves.

Singer Christoph Hessler sees Wanderer as the band’s most daring album to date. “We wanted to go even further out on a limb than usual with these songs and get as far away from old, well-trodden paths as possible. Of course, that was sometimes a challenge for us as a band. But it was also extremely exciting.”

In addition to guitarist Thomas Zipner and bassist Daniel Weber, drummer Moritz Mueller also experimented a great deal with sounds on Wanderer. This went far beyond sophisticated drum miking and sound mixing: “I encouraged Moritz to really play like a computer in some places,” says Hessler.

“Many songs were initially created from snippets and random products I was able to capture in rare rehearsals during the pandemic. Our songwriting this time was more virtual, time-shifted, sometimes as a duo and sometimes as a trio in different constellations. The songs are strongly influenced by a time when familiar structures have dissolved and a lot of space for new things has emerged. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Christoph Hessler’s lyrics traditionally function as deep insights into social contexts and facets of the zeitgeist in a world that is turning ever faster. In doing so, Hessler regularly adopts very personal perspectives. In ‘A La Carte’, his reckoning with ecclesiastical dogmas which dig deep with an industrial-like wrath into THE INTERSPHERE’s alternative rock sound.

“Here near Aschaffenburg in northern Bavaria, where I grew up, the Catholic Church is frighteningly present. I went along with the whole program as a child, was an altar boy and so on. In recent years, I have become more and more distant from the mindset of the church. The way people are instrumentalized by organized religions has become unbearable to me. Breaking away from the church has been a struggle with myself and my environment.”

The Intersphere flex their expansive muscles throughout the new album Wanderer. ‘Treasure Chest’ has a wide-reaching chorus and shimmering riffs, while ‘Who Wants To Deal With Death’ sparkles with an indie sheen. In contrast, ‘Heads Will Roll’ is dark and industrial, while ‘A La Carte’ delivers a no holds barred onslaught of metal riffs.

Coming five years after their last record, Wanderer is The Intersphere at maximum musical curiosity, full of a spirit of discovery that could not better depict the ambivalence of our time.


  1. Wanderer
  2. Bulletproof
  3. Down
  4. Who Likes To Deal With Death?
  5. Heads Will Roll
  6. A La Carte
  7. Always On The Run
  8. Corrupter
  9. Treasure Chest
  10. Underwater
Christoph Hessler – Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Zipner – Guitars
Moritz Mueller – Drums
Daniel Weber – Bass